Saturday, 2 July 2011

Poppies and Roses

I found this in the greenhouse this week...

Okay, it wasn't completely unexpected. I first noticed the plant about 8 weeks ago, in a pot where it shouldn't be! Last year I planted some poppy seeds, but they never germinated and I threw the soil on a flowerbed and forgot about it. A stray seed must have made it's was into a pot in the greenhouse and there it now is! I have also found several more of these poppy plants in the flower bed where I threw the compost so I'm hoping for a few more of these lovely blooms.

Little Lulus is approaching the end of her first year in school. Where has that time gone? I know all to well how children whizz through their primary school years. We worked out the other day that in the same amount of time again as we have already spent with our girl, she will be preparing for Secondary school. Nasty thought!

Anyway, I wanted to make some gifts with Lulu for her teacher and the teaching assistants that have given her such a wonderful start in school and cultured that all important love for learning. I have had a little experiment with some felt this week.
They look a bit like felt pancakes, don't they?!

I am hoping to turn these into roses by cutting a spiral and rolling along the coiled strip. If they are successful I shall get Lulus to help me make some more. I just love the pink one with the silk fibres sparkling in the middle. I'm hoping that the dark part will end up in the centre of the rose and the pale part as the outer petals. I love this experimental stage but hate the thought of it all going horribly wrong and wasting lovely felt!

It's amazingly sunny here, but poor Little Mannie has got chicken pox. He had a raging temperature mid-week and I suspected it might be the start of something. Sure enough, when we got up this morning he was pickled all over his chest and back. He is quite irritable and just wants to do his own thing. Bless! We're hoping Lulus will get it too so we can get it out of the way in one go!
Hope you are enjoying the sun in your part of the world too.
Becky x


  1. Oh gosh, that felt is as gorgeous as the poppy, I'd love to see how the felt flowers turn out Becky. Hope the chicken pox runs it course without too many problems, it's such a bind feeling under the weather when the sun's shining!

    Kate :-)

  2. Gorgeous Felt, looking forward to seeing your flowers.Hope your little,un, gets well soon.xx


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