Monday, 26 November 2012


I'm hooked. Sometimes for hours! I just can't help myself. (I just popped over there to grab the Pinterest button to link this post and lost myself for another 10 minutes!)

There are so many inspiring images on there and lots of links to free patterns. Here is a round-up of some of my favourites...

Crocodile stitch booties - from BonitaPatterns, Etsy

Apparently there is a similar pattern on Ravelry for free.

knitted snowmen

I'd like to come up with a crochet pattern for these.

Pine cone elves
How gorgeous are these?! I fancy making these with a Nordic twist.

free pattern for mini star bunting
What a great idea for Christmas bunting.

knitted owls
Owl puffs! Pattern available on Ravelry.

crochet pear coasters

Handspun art yarn - Etsy

Beautiful art yarn. I hope to be able to spin like this one day! However, many seasoned spinners look down on this inferior type of spinning! I just LOVE it!

Such sweet little needle felted matryoshka.
Just a few of my favourite pins. If you'd like to see more you can click the Pinterest button in the sidebar.

Pinterest have just introduced 'secret boards' that you can share with your chosen friends only. I would, of course, share them with all of you but I need some ideas for 3 new boards. Any suggestions?
Have a good week,
Becky x

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Scandinavian Style Christmas Brooches

I wanted to share my latest design of brooches with you.

I love, love, LOVE Scandinavian style design, particularly for a Christmas theme, and I LOVE how these have turned out!

Both are listed in my Folksy shop and I'm hoping to make a couple of reindeer this weekend in the same style.

Must remember to keep one back for me though!

I have started a Scandinavian Style Christmas board over on Pinterest if you want to pop over and have a look.

How are your Christmas makes going? I've been popping onto flickr to see everyone's Monthly Makes for November and it's looking good!
Becky x

Monday, 5 November 2012

Spinning Saturday

Another month has passed and Lulus and I have attended our second Spinning Guild meeting. This time was a bit special, though, as it was her 7th birthday and she took her new wheel with her. We were so busy spinning I forgot to take pictures!

Now it has been sanded and the broken parts replaced or fixed it's a stunner! It took a bit more work than I had anticipated and I had to ask another family member to do some carpentry on the wheel itself which had been terribly over-oiled and no glue would hold it.

She is delighted with it and enjoyed showing it to everyone. She has also spun some amazing yarn, a chunky merino blend of purple and pink and another of blended blues.

 I am teaching her to crochet but she is finding it a bit tricky, unlike the spinning which she can whip through much more quickly than her mummy!

I got busy over the half-term break making some more Christmas brooches.

I really enjoyed making these last year and hope to extend the range with a few more designs soon.

The wet and cold weather has given me more opportunities to sit and make things and it must be said - I'm loving it!
Hope you're getting some craft time in too!
Have a good week.
Becky x
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