Friday, 14 September 2012

Saturday Spinning

Shortly after getting my wheel it became apparent to me that no amount of practise was going to move me forward with my spinning. I needed someone to teach me the basics: how to prepare the fibre, how to feed the fibre in and get my hands to move as quickly as my feet! Then, late August, we visited a local Country Fair where I met a lovely lady who was sat at a spinning wheel idly spinning dog hair whilst crowd watching! It turned out she was a member of the local Spinner's Guild and held courses now and then teaching people to spin and would be holding one on Saturday 9th September. Before I knew what was happening my husband had swapped his shifts and I was booked up to join a group of ladies for a days introduction to spinning.
I had such a brilliant day and learnt so much. Audrey of Hawthorn Fibres is amazing. By the end of the day I had spun some of my beautiful purple merino into a 2ply yarn!

Please excuse the white cotton, it's to stop the yarn tangling when I wash it to set the ply.

I came home and repeated the whole process in the evening and produced another yarn, this time using a blended merino.

 I was soooo nervous before going, convinced I would be hopeless and need extra help! In fact I took to it really quickly and Audrey would smile encouragingly at me saying "A blind man would be pleased to see that!"
Since then, I have washed some shetland fleece that was sent with my wheel, carded it and spun some more yarn with it. I'm hooked!
I'm going to use the yarns with my felted boots once I've set the ply.
Which one do you think will work best?

At the end of the month I'm going along to the Spinner's Guild meeting where we will be experimenting with dying fibres. They have said I can take Lulus too so she'll have a great time. She has already asked for a spinning wheel for her birthday! Bless!
Excuse the terrible quality photos in the post. No sun + husband's camera = awful pics!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Becky x
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