Monday, 26 November 2012


I'm hooked. Sometimes for hours! I just can't help myself. (I just popped over there to grab the Pinterest button to link this post and lost myself for another 10 minutes!)

There are so many inspiring images on there and lots of links to free patterns. Here is a round-up of some of my favourites...

Crocodile stitch booties - from BonitaPatterns, Etsy

Apparently there is a similar pattern on Ravelry for free.

knitted snowmen

I'd like to come up with a crochet pattern for these.

Pine cone elves
How gorgeous are these?! I fancy making these with a Nordic twist.

free pattern for mini star bunting
What a great idea for Christmas bunting.

knitted owls
Owl puffs! Pattern available on Ravelry.

crochet pear coasters

Handspun art yarn - Etsy

Beautiful art yarn. I hope to be able to spin like this one day! However, many seasoned spinners look down on this inferior type of spinning! I just LOVE it!

Such sweet little needle felted matryoshka.
Just a few of my favourite pins. If you'd like to see more you can click the Pinterest button in the sidebar.

Pinterest have just introduced 'secret boards' that you can share with your chosen friends only. I would, of course, share them with all of you but I need some ideas for 3 new boards. Any suggestions?
Have a good week,
Becky x

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Scandinavian Style Christmas Brooches

I wanted to share my latest design of brooches with you.

I love, love, LOVE Scandinavian style design, particularly for a Christmas theme, and I LOVE how these have turned out!

Both are listed in my Folksy shop and I'm hoping to make a couple of reindeer this weekend in the same style.

Must remember to keep one back for me though!

I have started a Scandinavian Style Christmas board over on Pinterest if you want to pop over and have a look.

How are your Christmas makes going? I've been popping onto flickr to see everyone's Monthly Makes for November and it's looking good!
Becky x

Monday, 5 November 2012

Spinning Saturday

Another month has passed and Lulus and I have attended our second Spinning Guild meeting. This time was a bit special, though, as it was her 7th birthday and she took her new wheel with her. We were so busy spinning I forgot to take pictures!

Now it has been sanded and the broken parts replaced or fixed it's a stunner! It took a bit more work than I had anticipated and I had to ask another family member to do some carpentry on the wheel itself which had been terribly over-oiled and no glue would hold it.

She is delighted with it and enjoyed showing it to everyone. She has also spun some amazing yarn, a chunky merino blend of purple and pink and another of blended blues.

 I am teaching her to crochet but she is finding it a bit tricky, unlike the spinning which she can whip through much more quickly than her mummy!

I got busy over the half-term break making some more Christmas brooches.

I really enjoyed making these last year and hope to extend the range with a few more designs soon.

The wet and cold weather has given me more opportunities to sit and make things and it must be said - I'm loving it!
Hope you're getting some craft time in too!
Have a good week.
Becky x

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Dye it and spin it!

Last weekend I was invited to attend a fibre dying session with the Cornwall Spinning, Dying and Weaving Guild and Lulus was invited along too! Audrey, who ran the spinning workshop I attended, told me I should come to the guild meetings where I would meet others who could help me to develop my skills! This sounds great in theory, but my husband works Saturday mornings and I look after the children. Audrey suggested I pack Little Mannie off to Granny's and bring Lulus along and when I suggested it to her she was very keen to join in. However, before she went, she wanted to have a go at spinning, to see what it was all about.

Mmmm.... here began the snowball effect. She was good. No she was a natural! And since then I have struggled to get any time on my wheel! As soon as I start selecting fibre or take a step towards the wheel its "Mummy can I have a go?"

Then I took her to the session with the guild. She was a star! Everyone was praising her first efforts (my first efforts were completely overlooked!) and she was soon having her photo taken to be in the next guild programme as their newest and youngest member!

I was incredibly proud and it was lovely to see these ladies make such a fuss over her. We had a great time dying fibre too. Here are some really rubbish  photographs of our dyed merino (husband's camera again).

She loved the dying bit too and I'm looking forward to spinning them to see how they turn out.
I realised, quite quickly, that if I ever wanted to use my wheel again Lulus woud have to have her own and, conveniently, she has asked for one for her 7th birthday at the end of the month!

This broken and dirty thing is going to be lovingly restored and once again will sing it's happy song. I've bought the parts that are missing or broken and, once finished, it will be beautiful and have cost a snip of the usual price for this type of wheel.
The next meeting is on the day of her birthday and she has decided she wants to go so she can show off her new wheel! She added a condition to this - that she can go to the local theme park the day after! We tried to keep the spinning wheel as a surprise but she saw it in the garage - it's a bit big to hide!
Next post should have pictures of this wheel in its restored condition - hopefully!

Enjoy the rest of your week.
Becky x

Friday, 14 September 2012

Saturday Spinning

Shortly after getting my wheel it became apparent to me that no amount of practise was going to move me forward with my spinning. I needed someone to teach me the basics: how to prepare the fibre, how to feed the fibre in and get my hands to move as quickly as my feet! Then, late August, we visited a local Country Fair where I met a lovely lady who was sat at a spinning wheel idly spinning dog hair whilst crowd watching! It turned out she was a member of the local Spinner's Guild and held courses now and then teaching people to spin and would be holding one on Saturday 9th September. Before I knew what was happening my husband had swapped his shifts and I was booked up to join a group of ladies for a days introduction to spinning.
I had such a brilliant day and learnt so much. Audrey of Hawthorn Fibres is amazing. By the end of the day I had spun some of my beautiful purple merino into a 2ply yarn!

Please excuse the white cotton, it's to stop the yarn tangling when I wash it to set the ply.

I came home and repeated the whole process in the evening and produced another yarn, this time using a blended merino.

 I was soooo nervous before going, convinced I would be hopeless and need extra help! In fact I took to it really quickly and Audrey would smile encouragingly at me saying "A blind man would be pleased to see that!"
Since then, I have washed some shetland fleece that was sent with my wheel, carded it and spun some more yarn with it. I'm hooked!
I'm going to use the yarns with my felted boots once I've set the ply.
Which one do you think will work best?

At the end of the month I'm going along to the Spinner's Guild meeting where we will be experimenting with dying fibres. They have said I can take Lulus too so she'll have a great time. She has already asked for a spinning wheel for her birthday! Bless!
Excuse the terrible quality photos in the post. No sun + husband's camera = awful pics!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Becky x

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Giveaway Winners!

Well, there were only 11 entrants in total so the odds were high to win!
For collection 1 'The Hat' selected...

And for collection 2 it selected...

Well done to both of you. If you could both email me (address on my blogger profile) with your addresses I'll get your parcel sent off post-haste!

I am so very nearly there with my scarf. It has taken longer than I had hoped but that's because I had more yarn left over than expected and I decided to make another 5 flowers with it. Saving the details for my next post and, maybe, a finished photo!
Becky x

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Eden In The Summer

Knowing the wet weather was due to hit us this bank holiday weekend, we decided to visit Eden last Thursday. It was a perfect day for it - warm but not too sunny as the biomes get so very HOT! (Prepare yourself for a picure heavy post!)

It's a very beautiful place with some very important messages about caring for our planet.
Everything there is an adventure for the children and there is something around every
corner to explore.

This was a common site of my family throughout the day. Off my loved ones would trot leaving me lagging behind with my camera snapping shots of luscious plants! Little Mannie walked ran his socks off!

There were lots of things to exlore, paths to follow, objects to climb...

 tunnels to weave through, plants to touch and smell...

(sensitive fern - the leaves fold in when touched which delighted both the children)

And I drank in the colours, textures, contasts and hues - super inspiration.

I love the frilly skirts on these helenium...

... the delicateness of this pink gypsophila

...and the hairy petals on these flowers (are they a type of rudbeckia?).

Two colours I rarely put together are pink and orange, but look how well nature does it here in this echinacea flower.

There were many stunning flowers in the tropical biome.
It was packed with people. We had to park a mile from the visitor centre and the buses were so busy we walked in with a bit of piggy backing for Little Mannie! Somehow I managed to take a few shots of some empty areas!

Well, almost!
I literally took hundreds of pictures so I'm trying to be a bit selective! (Not to mention that I'm having to upload each picture to picasa first because blogger is being a nuisance!)
This driftwood sculpture is life size and just stunning.
Well, that's enough for today! Well done for keeping with me!
Next time I have an update for you on the Japanese Flower Cowl - oh so close to being finished!
Hope you have a great bank holiday weekend and that you see a little sunshine.
I will announce the winner of my giveaway on Tuesday 28th August. Still time to enter if you haven't already!
Becky x

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Forgotten, lost and forlorn! Lying hidden in drawers or buried deep in cupboards. Why, oh, why do we spend our hard-earned cash on beautiful craft supplies only to abandon projects halfway through and move on to the next?
I must be the worst offender and this post is about prove just that! As I list them, I'm going to put a rough estimate on the cost of the materials for each one, just to see how much I have spent (not wasted - they still have the potential to be finished). I may regret doing this by the end of the post!

WIP 1:
Felted Flower Bag

Cost of materials: £20
Work to completion: sew in lining and buttons. Add handle.

WIP 2:
Granny Squares Cushion

Cost of materials: £12
Work to completion: make two more squares and crochet them all together. Crochet a back with button opening.

WIP 3:
Ripple Blanket

Cost of materials: £90 (I hope my husband doesn't read this)
Work to completion: hundreds of ripples...  aaggggghhhhhh!

WIP 4:
Felted Matryoshka

Cost of materials: £5
Work to completion: sew embellishments on remaining two and loops to hang.
WIP 5:
Japanese Flower Cowl

Cost of materials: £36
Work to completion: 3/24 to go. Why haven't I finished this? 1 flower = 15 minutes which means in the time I've spent doing this post I could have finished it!

Is that it? That seems quite a short list for the guilt trip I've been on lately!
No wait...

WIP 6:
Felted Baby Booties (yes this is the project I gave you a sneaky peak of in my last post)

Cost of materials: varies, total perhaps £20
Work to completion: 3 pairs need buttons sewing on and ends woven in. 4th pair (above) needs crochet 'cuff' and flower.

Reviewing my list, (which totals £183 of materials,) the flower cowl, matyoshka and booties will all be quite quick to finish. The cushion and bag will take a little more time and the bag will require the sewing machine to have a bit of a dust off! The one I think that is realistically out of my reach is the ripple blanket :( It's been nearly 12 months since I've added any ripples. I have thought about pulling it all out before and could perhaps use the yarn for smaller more achievable projects ;)

Or, I could make a runner from the amount I've crocheted so far.

That feels better!
All organised and conscience clear. Until the next WIP anyway!

How are your WIPs?!
Becky x

P.S Is anyone having problems uploading photos? I can't upload any from my computer and have to save them all to picasa before uploading them. Any ideas why? HELP!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway - ends Monday 27th August.

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