Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Forgotten, lost and forlorn! Lying hidden in drawers or buried deep in cupboards. Why, oh, why do we spend our hard-earned cash on beautiful craft supplies only to abandon projects halfway through and move on to the next?
I must be the worst offender and this post is about prove just that! As I list them, I'm going to put a rough estimate on the cost of the materials for each one, just to see how much I have spent (not wasted - they still have the potential to be finished). I may regret doing this by the end of the post!

WIP 1:
Felted Flower Bag

Cost of materials: £20
Work to completion: sew in lining and buttons. Add handle.

WIP 2:
Granny Squares Cushion

Cost of materials: £12
Work to completion: make two more squares and crochet them all together. Crochet a back with button opening.

WIP 3:
Ripple Blanket

Cost of materials: £90 (I hope my husband doesn't read this)
Work to completion: hundreds of ripples...  aaggggghhhhhh!

WIP 4:
Felted Matryoshka

Cost of materials: £5
Work to completion: sew embellishments on remaining two and loops to hang.
WIP 5:
Japanese Flower Cowl

Cost of materials: £36
Work to completion: 3/24 to go. Why haven't I finished this? 1 flower = 15 minutes which means in the time I've spent doing this post I could have finished it!

Is that it? That seems quite a short list for the guilt trip I've been on lately!
No wait...

WIP 6:
Felted Baby Booties (yes this is the project I gave you a sneaky peak of in my last post)

Cost of materials: varies, total perhaps £20
Work to completion: 3 pairs need buttons sewing on and ends woven in. 4th pair (above) needs crochet 'cuff' and flower.

Reviewing my list, (which totals £183 of materials,) the flower cowl, matyoshka and booties will all be quite quick to finish. The cushion and bag will take a little more time and the bag will require the sewing machine to have a bit of a dust off! The one I think that is realistically out of my reach is the ripple blanket :( It's been nearly 12 months since I've added any ripples. I have thought about pulling it all out before and could perhaps use the yarn for smaller more achievable projects ;)

Or, I could make a runner from the amount I've crocheted so far.

That feels better!
All organised and conscience clear. Until the next WIP anyway!

How are your WIPs?!
Becky x

P.S Is anyone having problems uploading photos? I can't upload any from my computer and have to save them all to picasa before uploading them. Any ideas why? HELP!

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  1. wow, Becky, you have so many beautiful projects to finish, the Japanese flower cowl is my favourite. By the way, what does WIP......ahhhh, just came to me.......WORK IN PROGRESS....bit slow this morning...haha. Good luck with completing everything x

  2. That's so FEW wips!! REally, you should be pleased. I have tons of them lying around, absolutely tons!! Loving those matroyshkas!

  3. Now I have that guilty twinge in the back of my mind, can't believe you added them all up, very brave. Oh look, something pretty and sparkly... guilty twinge fading... x

  4. I remember all of those!! I've been waiting for that felt bag to be finished for AAGGESS! ;o) Hehe - I'm the same with mine - it's mad. My African Flower cushion took me a year to finish - from last June to this June! So satisfying when it's done - but so easy to leave and move onto something new and exciting. At least we're all the same - so no need to feel guilty!
    Maria x

  5. I remember all of them too! I also have lots of guiltily stored half-finished projects - I keep telling myself that the process of being creative is as important as the finished product...having said that, you really must finish that Japanese flower cowl, it is utterly gorgeous and you're so nearly there! I've no idea about your photo problem, but it sounds very frustrating.
    Liz xx
    ps off to enter your giveaway next!

  6. OOh some memorable projects there Becky - I think we all have plenty of wips languishing in bags and cupboards! - I often rush to get things nearly finished then put off the final touches..not sure why - either something else catches my imagination or if I finish one thing I have to choose which to do next...always a dilemma when I have many ideas!
    Looking forward to the finished cowl - it does look great and you are so nearly there!...oh and I so get your comment about could have had it finished in the time you were on the computer - but I think I am online when my brain finds creating tricky...thats what I keep telling myself!!
    Ali x


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