Saturday, 25 August 2012

Eden In The Summer

Knowing the wet weather was due to hit us this bank holiday weekend, we decided to visit Eden last Thursday. It was a perfect day for it - warm but not too sunny as the biomes get so very HOT! (Prepare yourself for a picure heavy post!)

It's a very beautiful place with some very important messages about caring for our planet.
Everything there is an adventure for the children and there is something around every
corner to explore.

This was a common site of my family throughout the day. Off my loved ones would trot leaving me lagging behind with my camera snapping shots of luscious plants! Little Mannie walked ran his socks off!

There were lots of things to exlore, paths to follow, objects to climb...

 tunnels to weave through, plants to touch and smell...

(sensitive fern - the leaves fold in when touched which delighted both the children)

And I drank in the colours, textures, contasts and hues - super inspiration.

I love the frilly skirts on these helenium...

... the delicateness of this pink gypsophila

...and the hairy petals on these flowers (are they a type of rudbeckia?).

Two colours I rarely put together are pink and orange, but look how well nature does it here in this echinacea flower.

There were many stunning flowers in the tropical biome.
It was packed with people. We had to park a mile from the visitor centre and the buses were so busy we walked in with a bit of piggy backing for Little Mannie! Somehow I managed to take a few shots of some empty areas!

Well, almost!
I literally took hundreds of pictures so I'm trying to be a bit selective! (Not to mention that I'm having to upload each picture to picasa first because blogger is being a nuisance!)
This driftwood sculpture is life size and just stunning.
Well, that's enough for today! Well done for keeping with me!
Next time I have an update for you on the Japanese Flower Cowl - oh so close to being finished!
Hope you have a great bank holiday weekend and that you see a little sunshine.
I will announce the winner of my giveaway on Tuesday 28th August. Still time to enter if you haven't already!
Becky x


  1. what a fabulous day out and some stunning photography x

  2. Fabulous photos Becky...some great inspirational shots - orange and pink a fave combination of mine - funny how each one of us is different!
    Ali x

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Looks like everyone enjoyed their day, and lots of things to see.Its doesnt look at all crowded which surprises me.
    We holidayed in Cornwall near Bodmin (right up near the moors - Warleggan (twinned with Narnia apparently!!!)but never managed to get there, so its so interesting to see what we missed!
    Next time!
    Gill xx


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