Friday, 17 August 2012


I have been visiting your lovely blogs in a vain effort to catch up on the last couple of months and you have all put me to shame, you have been so busy with your making and I have done pretty much nothing. But, in my defence, I have had little time or energy to be creative. I have thought about it lots, though, and bought many things to inspire me when I finally find the opportunity to make 'something'!
The first source of inspiration is this one...

a new book about felting by Gillian Harris. She offers some great new projects and ideas which I'm keen to try. It was Gillian's first book that really inspired me to start felting and this one is no disappointment.

She doesn't go into the basic techniques as much in this one, presumably because most people who buy this book will have already purchased her first book and have all the information there.

I love the way she has used the roses on this bag.

Sweet slippers!

I'd love one of these!

I have also replenished my supplies of merino wool tops and have bought a brightly coloured unit to keep it all in! Chances of me ever destashing are impossibly slim!

Finally, something I have coveted for quite some time...

a spinning wheel! I chose it for my birthday and my family all kindly contributed to it. It isn't new, but a secondhand wheel that I bought on ebay. It took me a while to find the right one that someone was willing to post and that another bidder didn't gazump me on! Can you believe that after looking for weeks, the day after I bought this one two were listed by a lady in Cornwall! The air was blue here for a while! However, this one (an Ashford Traveller) is in lovely condition having hardly been used and, after a clean, wax, oil and general bit of maintenance, is now sitting quietly in the corner of the lounge waiting for me to master it! Mmmmm, will take some time I think (and patience - must stop swearing at it!). Think of all the yummy yarns I can make and crochet and felt!

Next post - WIPS - this will either encourage me to finish them or depress me further!
Here's a little sneak preview of the first piece of felting I've done in months...

Becky x
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  1. OOh what beautiful colourful felty ideas! Love the little bird! Your rainbow storage is soooo cool...looking forward to seeing your wips and more of the pretty purple project.
    However .....your spinning spectacularly wonderful! So looking forward to seeing your super spinning Becky. How exciting!
    Ali x

  2. hope you get felting soon Becky, and what better inspiration could you have ??.....that gorgeous felting book, such lovely ideas in there, think I might have to get a copy of that!! And the spinning majestic it looks, hope you have lots of fun getting to grips with it!
    gill x

  3. Hey it's great to have you back! Thanks for the heads up on the book, it looks fab! And I am so jealous of your tower, I've been eyeing them up outside Hobbycraft for months!!

  4. What a fab book - love the little birdie, bet you're itching to start! Gorgeous spinning wheel, I'm sure you will master it in no time!

    Have just entered your giveaway.


  5. The fabric slippers are the cutest. Are they for babies feet?



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