Friday, 22 February 2013

A Bunny, a Blog Award and a Bug!

So half-term is here and I have seized the opportunity (between domestic chores) to do a little felting. Do you remember those wensleydale locks I dyed? Well I put a little to good use this week to make a little bunny...

with a fluffy bum...
and fluffy ears!

I have also dyed some more yummy wensleydale locks in spring green, yellow and pink

and lemon and orange.


Little Mannie has had chicken pox this week, so Lulus and I are keeping ourselves occupied with craft - visits out are strictly limited to essential only! Keeping to the Easter theme of this post, we used these lovely decopatch papers to decorate some Easter eggs.

She plans to give hers to her teacher. I think the chocolate variety may be more gratefully received!


So to the blog award, which I mentioned briefly in my last post, is from the lovely Emma at All Stitched Up.

Please forgive me for skipping the 11 random facts but I have done this before and I'm all out of anything interesting or original!

I have 11 questions to answer so here goes:

1. Are you an adventurer or a homebird?
Definitely a homebird.

2. Sweet or savoury?

Both! I just love food!

3. Where is the furthest place you have travelled?

Cyprus (first wedding, we'll say no more!)

4. Where is the favourite place you have travelled?

France, the Dordoigne is beautiful and I love the culture, the traditional markets, the food...

5. What is your proudest achievement?

After my two beautiful children it would be qualifying as a teacher.

6. What simple thing makes you happy?
Quiet time to craft - a bit of a rarity but very much appreciated when it occurs.

7. What was you favourite toy as a child?
Mmmm... that one is tricky. I was fortunate enough to have a number of lovely toys. Choosing a favourite is hard.

8. What calms you when life is crazy?
Music, gardening, country walks, baking (no not baking, I love it but it stresses me out!) and of course craft (there's a surprise!).

9. Why do you blog?
I started reading other people's blogs for several years and loved sharing their journeys. They were so inspiring and it led to my interest in felt. After developing some techniques and making some fun things I wanted that 'Ta-Dah' moment too and the chance to share some of the things I had learnt. I'm so glad I did because I have encountered some wonderful people in blogland who have made my crafting experience so much more enjoyable.

10. Do you have a list of things to do during your lifetime?
No... but maybe I should.

11. Have you ticked them all off yet?
Can I get back to you on that one!

Thank you, Emma. I always accept awards gratefully as I believe they are a lovely complement. At this point I'm supposed to nominate 5 lovely blogs but there are so many I love, but not so many who recognise these awards. So, if you want it, it's yours! As long as you have under 200 followers - in order to abide by the 'rules' of this award!


 I started writing this post Tuesday evening and since then have done nothing due to a horrendous tummy bug. How nice of it to come on my week off! The children have been lovely, keeping themselves entertained with games and entertaining me with puppet shows!
I'm feeling a little better today, thank goodness. I'm normally the healthy one in the family!
Hoping for a healthier weekend and wishing you a happy and healthy one too!
Becky x

Sunday, 3 February 2013

100, 2 Years, Bunny Egg Cosies and Dyed Curly Locks!

Lulus and I had to miss our spinning group last Saturday :( and so we did some felting together instead. I decided to think ahead and make something with Easter in mind and so some themed egg cosies presented themselves...

With wet felted bodies and needle felted ears and tail, these two are real cuties!

I took time, for once, to plan out the little details: ribbon, heart button, stitches, and I'm really pleased with the results.

I have a tutorial planned for these; the photos are ready so I just need to get the instructions written.

Life has been a bit hectic round here over the last two weeks. Si and Grandad were both in hospital last week; Si with flu and Grandad with a broken hip after having a fall. Then Lulu's went down with chicken pox. People keep saying 'well, these things come in threes' but this was taking the rule to the extreme!

Anyway, things are beginning to get back on an even keel, though Grandad's recovery is going to be a slow one, and so I have tried to find a little time to distract my mind and relax a little.
I bought a big bag of washed wensleydale fleece a little while ago and a super range of acid dyes, so I had a little go at dying some curly locks.

I used the microwave method as this was how I had dyed some merino tops at the spinning group last year and it was very quick and easy.
I lay out 50 grams in a dish, taking care not to fluff up the curls.
I then wet them and left to soak for 20 minutes. I've read somewhere that this helps the fibre to take up the dye. Then I added the mixed dyes; turquoise and hyacinth.

After cooking (!) for 8 minutes they were gently rinsed and laid out on a towel to dry.

The colours are so gorgeously dreamy, not as intense as in the bowl prior to rinsing, and will look beautiful felted into a bag or bowl. They would also make lovely hair for a fairy or mermaid. I feel a new project coming! This fibre is SO expensive to buy already dyed, I am so pleased I have found a way to do it. A little of this fibre might just find its way into my Folksy shop and I hope to dye some more colourways soon.

I have also been the proud recipient of a blog award recently, thank you Emma of All Stitched Up! As part of accepting this award I must answer some questions about myself, but I'm afraid I must leave this for my next post as I have a large pile of marking calling which I really should have started about 2 hours ago! If you haven't visited Emma's blog before then pop over and have a look - she has a lovely relaxed style and shares some great ideas.

I have also realised that this is my 100th post and tomorrow is my 2nd anniversary blogging! Thanks everyone for making it such a pleasurable experience - your kind comments, generous giveaways and endless tips and ideas are so gratefully received here at the fluff pot. You are all an endless source of inspiration to me. THANK YOU!!!
Becky x

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