Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Dye it and spin it!

Last weekend I was invited to attend a fibre dying session with the Cornwall Spinning, Dying and Weaving Guild and Lulus was invited along too! Audrey, who ran the spinning workshop I attended, told me I should come to the guild meetings where I would meet others who could help me to develop my skills! This sounds great in theory, but my husband works Saturday mornings and I look after the children. Audrey suggested I pack Little Mannie off to Granny's and bring Lulus along and when I suggested it to her she was very keen to join in. However, before she went, she wanted to have a go at spinning, to see what it was all about.

Mmmm.... here began the snowball effect. She was good. No she was a natural! And since then I have struggled to get any time on my wheel! As soon as I start selecting fibre or take a step towards the wheel its "Mummy can I have a go?"

Then I took her to the session with the guild. She was a star! Everyone was praising her first efforts (my first efforts were completely overlooked!) and she was soon having her photo taken to be in the next guild programme as their newest and youngest member!

I was incredibly proud and it was lovely to see these ladies make such a fuss over her. We had a great time dying fibre too. Here are some really rubbish  photographs of our dyed merino (husband's camera again).

She loved the dying bit too and I'm looking forward to spinning them to see how they turn out.
I realised, quite quickly, that if I ever wanted to use my wheel again Lulus woud have to have her own and, conveniently, she has asked for one for her 7th birthday at the end of the month!

This broken and dirty thing is going to be lovingly restored and once again will sing it's happy song. I've bought the parts that are missing or broken and, once finished, it will be beautiful and have cost a snip of the usual price for this type of wheel.
The next meeting is on the day of her birthday and she has decided she wants to go so she can show off her new wheel! She added a condition to this - that she can go to the local theme park the day after! We tried to keep the spinning wheel as a surprise but she saw it in the garage - it's a bit big to hide!
Next post should have pictures of this wheel in its restored condition - hopefully!

Enjoy the rest of your week.
Becky x


  1. How exciting Becky! I have a lot to catch up with here obviously!
    So pleased you are enjoying the spinning, and fancy having a daughter who's a natural! I bet you are too, but just being overshadowed at the moment by your star performer - but its lovely that she's so into it.
    Hope you have fun with it all, both of you!
    Gill xx

  2. How fabulous Becky - your daughter obviously has inherited your creative streak and so great that you can nurture it alongside your own talents! Love your dyeing and looking forward to hearing lots more about your spinning too!
    Happy spinning!
    Ali x

  3. That's so lovely you get to share spinning with your daughter! What a gorgeous wheel - can't wait to see it restored in all its glory!

    Take care, Estelle xx

  4. Hi Becky - you must be so proud of your daughter. How lovely that she shares your hobby with you. She will treasure the spinning wheel you have restored for her too. Lily. xxx

  5. What a lovely thing to share with your daughter - I can imagine all sorts of creative shared projects for the future! Looking forward to seeing the fully restored wheel - and its fruits! Liz xx

  6. That's wonderful! I get so much pleasure out of sharing all kinds of crafting with my daughter. Starting young is the way to go!
    Kate x


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