Monday, 5 November 2012

Spinning Saturday

Another month has passed and Lulus and I have attended our second Spinning Guild meeting. This time was a bit special, though, as it was her 7th birthday and she took her new wheel with her. We were so busy spinning I forgot to take pictures!

Now it has been sanded and the broken parts replaced or fixed it's a stunner! It took a bit more work than I had anticipated and I had to ask another family member to do some carpentry on the wheel itself which had been terribly over-oiled and no glue would hold it.

She is delighted with it and enjoyed showing it to everyone. She has also spun some amazing yarn, a chunky merino blend of purple and pink and another of blended blues.

 I am teaching her to crochet but she is finding it a bit tricky, unlike the spinning which she can whip through much more quickly than her mummy!

I got busy over the half-term break making some more Christmas brooches.

I really enjoyed making these last year and hope to extend the range with a few more designs soon.

The wet and cold weather has given me more opportunities to sit and make things and it must be said - I'm loving it!
Hope you're getting some craft time in too!
Have a good week.
Becky x


  1. The spinning wheel looks lovely, and what gorgeous yarn! What a great skill to have at 7 years old - very exciting!
    Maria x

  2. So cool to see the progress of your spinning and Lulus! How great to be able whirl on the wheels together!
    Good to see you brooches again - I can't believe we're into Christmas making again - time flies!!
    Looking forward to seeing your new designs
    Ali x

  3. That purple and pink merino blend is gorgeous - do the two of you have plans for how to use it? I love your festive brooches - where has thus year gone?! Liz x


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