Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I Love Blog Awards!

Oh my! What a wonderful bloggy week I had last week. I say 'bloggy' as my actual week was pretty rubbish, but all is lovely in the world now! I have received two blog awards! Amazing! If you have visited me here before, you will know that I harbour no ill feeling towards blog awards! In my opinion, it's just a nice way to say thanks for giving us something nice to follow.

From Bee - thank you Bee!

From tillyflopscreations - another big thank you!

A huge welcome to my new followers. I'm sorry my posts are not more frequent of late but things at work and home have been a bit fraught. Roll on the end of term! The annual reports are both finished and distributed so that's a huge relief.
 I now, of course, have to think up some more interesting (ha!) facts about myself. We may be scraping the bottom of the barrel here, but I will do my best. To liven up my very dull facts, I will put in some photos of my watercolour paintings.

1. I have dabbled in many crafts - flower pressing, dried flower arranging, quilting, glass etching, glass painting, silk painting, mosaic making, watercolour painting, silk paper making, jewellery making, knitting, felting and crochet. Still haven't made my fortune!

2. When I was 17 I wore floaty floral dresses and skirts with black or cherry red doc marten boots! Still have the cherry reds in the loft - can't bear to part with them.

3. I would love to buy a kiln and make some dichroic glass jewellery but it's just too expensive. I looked into microwave kilns, which are a fraction of the price, but there seems to be an issue with the annealing process and so I axed the whole idea. I know I could do a college course but with two young children I just can't spare the time.

4. I have had three narrow boat holidays with my family in recent years, two of them were done whilst I was heavily pregnant (madness!) so I didn't get to do the locks. I was the chief cook and bottle washer! It really is a lovely way of life and makes for a fab holiday.

5. I worked in a National Trust tearooms before I started teaching and still bake some of the recipes today. Yummy! Just in case you weren't sure, it is most definitely a Cornish cream tea and not a Devonshire cream tea! (Oooo, I'm going to get some grief for that one!)

6. I am addicted to Eastenders. I know that's not good, but I am!

7. Same fact as last time - I hate having my photo' taken. However, I thought I would share another one with you as I did with my last award facts list. This one was taken on my wedding day nearly 3 years ago.

Phew! I made it - hope you did too!
I will pass on these lovely awards in my next post later this week.

On the 'making' front, I have re-sewn the pink felt flower and it now sits much better. I have also made two more felt 'pancakes' ready for flowers. Hope to get these sewn later in the week so I can put them in my next post.

Have a good one.
Becky x
PS Is anyone loving the Molly Makes magazines as much as me?


  1. What gorgeous watercolours..... everyone of them... and lovely to hear more about you,..... I'm loving the latest molly makes, I think its the best yet :)
    Sue Xxx

  2. Lovely watercolour paintings. Gorgeous purple poppies! Your very talented. :-)

    Well done on the blog award.

    Ashley xx

  3. Congratulations on your awards - well deserved x

    Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself and I love your paintings x

    Leah x

  4. Hi Becky, congratulations on your awards! I love your watercolours, especially the waterlilies, and the poppies, and the little boat on the cloudy day :)
    PS don't ever get rid of those doc martens!
    Jane x

  5. Becky, those watercolours are really beautiful...I especially love those evocative coastal images, typical of a Cornish girl :) Lovely to read a little more about you, and discover we have some things in common including DMs and floaty dresses worn a while back!
    Congratulations on you well deserved awards, you have a great blog and I look forward to your new posts,
    Liz x

  6. How lovely your paintings are! You are a most talented lady. Your facts are fascinating and I love the photo of your wedding day. Congrats on the awards! xxx

  7. Well done on your well deserved awards Becky.
    I LOVE your watercolours....a girl of many talents! I especially like your moody skies. The poppies are beautiful, serene and the whole composition has amazing depth.
    Enjoyed reading more about you and great photo!
    Keep it all up - you are so busy I wonder sometimes how you have the time to blog and to leave such cool comments when you pop by....soon be the holidays... when a whole different style of busyness starts!!
    Ali x

  8. Wow, I'm so impressed with your watercolours! You are so talented!

    Well done on the awards (you know I think they are deserved!!) ;o)

    Really sorry you've had such a fraught time lately, hope everything will calm down for you.

    Maria x


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