Monday, 4 July 2011

More Felt Roses...

Well, Sue (, you were absolutley right! I was so chuffed with how the first felt flower came out that my fingers were itching to make another one, and then another. Talk about addicitive!
The pink flower came together quite well, but has a lot of felt sticking out at the back and won't sit neatly as a brooch so I'm going to unpick it and sew it again.

There is a real element of serendipity to these flowers, it is hard to control how they come out as the felt tends to do it's own thing as you sew.
I tried an orange felt next. I was so enthusiastic, I forgot to take a photo before I started cutting!

I love the tones of orange and burgundy in this felt and the silk fibres catch the light beautifully too.

I have quite a collection of silk fibre because a fibre artist had cleared out her studio last year and sold loads of her stuff at a car boot sale! Unfortunately, I missed a huge bag of merino wool by about two minutes! Wasn't it nice of her to share that with me!

My favourite shape is the first one I made. Strangely, it seemed to come together more quickly and effortlessly than the other two. Possibly my fault as I think I tried to hard to control the shape of the following ones.

You may have notices that I have changed the header on my blog. I haven't ever been completely happy with it and was waiting to make something that would be both beautiful and reflect my style. I like this header much more - it is very 'me'!
I have a busy week coming up at work so I probably won't be visiting blogland until the weekend.
Happy crafting to you all!
Becky x

PS. I am so used to typing 'Becky x' at the end of my posts and comments, that I did it in a professional capacity in an email yesterday and didn't realise until after I had sent it! How silly did I feel! LOL ;)
PPS. We're not sure that Little Mannie does have chicken pox now! The rash hasn't blistered as chicken pox is supposed too, but faded to nothing. Possibly a virus?


  1. I love the new header,and all your fantastic new roses, I know it's made from felt, but if your having a problem with the backs have you thought of cutting a circle of manufactured felt and sewing it on before adding the pin?
    Sue Xxx

  2. Your pink flower looks lovely too! The header is really pretty as well - I love it!

    I know what you mean about making multiple things, where the first one just seems to work naturally without any effort, then you try so hard to reproduce the same thing with the others and they never come out the same! It's very annoying! But on the plus side, it is probably only you who sees that - they look great to me! :o)

    Maria x

  3. That felt is in gorgous colours. They have turned out beautifully.

    Leah x

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous and I love your new header too! Love Linda x

  5. They are lovely Becky! Such beautiful rich colours I love them.
    Lol re; putting a x after your name - whoops! Could get you into trouble!!!
    Fingers crossed the rash stays away!
    Gill xx

  6. I love your roses, they look gorgeous! I have also put an x after my name on a business email but deleted it just in time!
    Helen x

  7. So pretty, very, very pretty

  8. OOh Becky your fuzzy flowers are fab! Such beautiful colours and wish we could feel them!
    Love your header too.
    Hope your busy week is flying by smoothly
    Ali x

  9. I really love these flowers, Becky, especially the one you've chosen for your header. Hope you managed to get all those reports written, that the children are both well and that you can enjoy the weekend!
    Liz x

  10. Hi, i have nominate you for,

    "The Versatile Blogger Award"

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  11. Oh your flowers are sooo beautiful, really superb work. This is the first time i've seen your blog & i really love it will def be back to see more lovely crafts :)
    Karen x


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