Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Holidays are here!

Firstly, thank you for so many very kind and complementary comments on my posts recently. They really are a pleasure to read and have cheered me up no end!
The first real day of summer holidays (I had an INSET day yesterday) and I feel lousy; headache, tummy bug, the works. It is par for the course for a teacher, but Simon didn't come home until Thursday evening last week and I really don't want him to get another bug. He is on the mend but his levels are not stable and we're hoping things will settle down soon.

Anyway, I can't lie in bed any longer so I thought I would show you the little gift bags Lulus and I made for the gifts for her teacher and teaching assistants.

We decided on the smaller flower brooches in the end, so I shall be placing some of the larger flowers in my poor neglected folksy shop soon!

I have noticed recently my followers have been sneaking up and, as I approach that milestone of 50, realise that this would be a good time to start thinking about the customary giveaway! Any suggestions? You all know what I like to make, but what would you like to win? Don't be shy, I would love to know!
Becky x


  1. Hi Becky!
    So sorry to hear you are unwell - I guess all those germs going around all the time at school it must be hard to avoid.
    Hope your husband is on the mend.
    Sweet little boxes - i still have mine that you sent your lovely felt acorns and brooch in, they are lovely!
    Anything that you make would make a wonderful giveaway Becky - and congratulations on getting near 50 followers!
    Hope you get over this germ soon and can enjoy your holiday!
    Gill xx

  2. Gorgeous gift bags - so pretty!

    Not sure what you should make for your giveaway - all the things you make are so gorgeous! (Sorry, that isn't very helpful!)

    Get better soon!
    Maria x

  3. Well done on reaching the end of term! I remember as a teacher, that lovely feeling of having a bit of time to sort stuff out. Mind you, that was before I had kids to take up that time!
    Love your giveaway idea! Anything that you make would be just lovely- really!!

  4. Wow, I wish I was one of those lucky teachers! XD

  5. Sorry to hear that you started the holidays feeling unwell, Becky - it seems to happen to teachers so often! Hope that you are soon on the mend and that you can get on with enjoying your break. I love those cute little bags that you and Lulus made for her teachers - and the brooches, too, of course!
    I love the sound of a giveaway! As others have already said, anything you make would be a real treat to receive.
    LIz x

  6. I remember my mum (she's a retired teacher) used to always come down with a bug just in time for the start of the hols, hope you;re all better really soon

    A giveaway sounds grand and whatever it is we'll all be desperate to be picked the winner!

  7. Hope the second week of the holidays is a healthy and happy one for you all! I love everything you make...
    Love those boxes of goodies...how cool to be Lulus teaching staff!!
    Enjoy the rest of the holidays.
    Ali x


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