Saturday, 16 July 2011

Blog Awards (and a few more felt flowers thrown in for good measure!)

It is my pleasure to pass on those lovely blog awards in this post. I always find this tricky - there are so many lovely blogs out there. After a little thought (my brain is capable of no more than this at the moment!) I have chosen the following blogs for the Liebster Blog award:

All really lovely blogs and well worth a visit if you have not done so already. As I have said before, if I have passed an award on to you and you do not wish to receive it I will not be offended.

I had a little time to myself yesterday, so I had a play with the leftover bits of felt 'pancake' from my roses and made these...

They are much smaller than the others and I think a bit more wearable. They are placed on 4" hat pins that I have been meaning to use for ages.

You can see the silk fibres more in these too. My favourite is the lilac one.

I made one using two colours as I didn't have enough orange left to make a whole flower. In truth,I don't actually like it. What do you think?

So, do I give the large flowers or small as the gifts for Lulus teacher and support staff? I love the big but perhaps they are too large for a day-to-day accessory. I could do with some advice here from my fellow bloggers please!

I think I'm done with the felt flowers for a while now! I'm going to have a go at finishing my felt bag and crochet cushion, I have too many WIPs to start anything new!

Hope you all have lovely weekends.
Becky x


  1. Ooh Becky, these are really pretty, and they look really professional. Which to give to the teachers? I would say look at their style. if the teachers are young and dress a bit funky, then they'll love the big ones. If they're a bit more conservative in their style, then maybe the smaller would be a better bet. Either way, they'll love them!
    I'm looking forward to seeing more cushion squares appearing ;)
    Jane x

  2. Congratulations on the awards, I like the pink and lilac ones, I also like the two tone one but it's not a colour I wear much, I think the small ones will be popular, most people like small things :(
    Sue Xxx

  3. ooh, thank you fo rmy award, that is lovely of you

    I do love your flowers, I think the pale pink one might be my favourite of this batch, although I am drawn to the very dark one too, but you don't make it easy to choose a favourite!

  4. Thanks so much for the award! I definitely accept :) And I luuurve your felt flowers! I've been meaning to get into felt for as long as I can remember - your flowers really inspire me :)

  5. Very pretty felt flowers...delightful!

  6. You clever thing! I think they are all lovely. The last one will be good to wear in the autumn. Many thanks for your comments, that really was some chicken house, wasn't it? I would love to see your little feathered friends. Love Linda x

  7. These are so lovely and would look great pinned on a bag, scarf, hat.
    Any teacher would love to have one of these special beauties.

  8. Oh my goodness, how did I miss this??!! I read your blog every day! Thank you do much its so lovely if you to pass the award on to me and I'm thrilled to receive it :)

    Rhi x x

  9. Hi Becky - thank you so much for the award! This is so bizarre - I always click on new followers to my blog but when I clicked on you, it didn't come up with a blog, so I assumed you didn't have one... How wrong I was, and how pleased I am that you do have one! (When I click on you from my actual blog, your blog isn't shown, but when I click on you from my dashboard, it is... Does that make any sense at all??)
    Anyway - 'hello' and I've added myself as a follower now!
    Emily x
    PS - LOVE the flowers

  10. Hi Becky!
    The felt roses are beautiful! So neat and roselike, how clever you are!
    They are so versatile too with the pin - lucky teachers!I agree with Jane - maybe match the flower to suit the teachers?
    Gill xx

  11. Hi Becky!

    Thank you so much for my award, the first I've ever received so all the more special for that! I love, love, love the darkest flower and the lilac one next to it, both are making me drool over my keyboard rather unfetchingly!

    Kate x

  12. Becky!!
    Such a lovely blog! I've been back and forth all day long reading your posts and looking at your lovely pictures. You have some amazing "crafty" skills! I will 100% be back here on a regular basis! Matt :-)

  13. Oh wow, what a pretty flowers you make! I'm jealous! ;-) I'm with Matt - gonna return to your lovely blog! Happy crafting! x Lily

  14. I'm loving your work esp the multicoloured flower.
    {Dab and a dash.}


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