Sunday, 31 July 2011

Just playing!

My husband has an iphone4 and I'm looking to get a new phone so this is a little experiment to see if I can create a post using his phone. Using the keypad is a bit fiddly. Do any ofyou use a Mobile to post? What do you use and how easy do you find it? I can't seem to access the photos on my phone to upload them. Can anyone help with this?
Becky x


  1. I also have that phone and all I can do is text. I tried to upload a pic but wasn't successful. I have been able to post a prepared post fine from mobile! But that's it. Waiting to hear if anyone else knows.


  2. I've never used my phone to do a post, but I have emailed from it - it was like that experiment where they gave a chimp a typewriter... I'm not the most technically-aware person ever.
    Re the photos thing - I can download pics from my phone using the charger lead - you just pull the plug off the end and then plug what's left behind into a port on the computer, or I email them to myself sometimes too. Tho my phone's not an iPhone, so this is probably no help at all!
    Good luck
    Emily x


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