Thursday, 14 July 2011

More Felt Roses 2

A couple more pancakes have become a couple more roses!

I think I have the technique down to a fine art now. Some unpicking and reshaping has been required along the way, but the last one I stitched in one go and I’m really pleased with the result. I'm still playing around with colours and adding silk fibres.

I am hoping to do a post tomorrow to pass on the two awards I received last week, but my husband is in hospital and I'm snatching rare moments for such things. He was in hospital last week, hence the 'fraught' comment in my last post, and has been readmitted as he is simply not well enough to be home. In case you're wondering, Simon is a type 1 diabetic, which means he is insulin dependant, and the virus (not chicken pox) that Little Mannie had hit Simon like a ten ton truck. His immune system is just hopeless. Anyway, he is in the best place and will hopefully recover quickly and be home with us soon.

You may have also noticed I am playing around with fonts (children in bed - it's either this or sort the washing!). What do you think? Is it harder to read? I don't want to put all my lovely readers off!
Nearly the weekend - hang in there!
Becky x


  1. Becky your Roses are beautiful... I love the pale one with the delicate silk edge detail.
    Sorry to hear about your husband, hope he makes a rapid recovery and things become less hectic for you soon.
    Thinking of you
    Ali x

  2. Hi Becky
    the roses are beautiful - you're so clever! Sorry your husband is not well, but it sounds like he is being well looked after and will be home soon.
    By the way, personally I think the font is pretty, but a little hard to read in a relaxed way with a cup of tea!
    Look after yourself too
    Jane x

  3. More lovely roses, Becky; they look so delicate and pretty. Sorry to hear that your husband is unwell, and hoping that he is soon well again and back at home. Liz x

  4. Those roses look very elegant and classy! Beautiful!
    So sorry to hear about your husband, I hope he gets better quickly and is back with you soon. Thinking of you.
    Oh, and I think the font is nice but a little hard to read (sorry!)
    Take care, Maria x

  5. What very pretty roses, I too love the pale one, it just so delicate looking

    I hope hubby is soon back on his feet and under yours! ;-) Seriosuly though, I do hope he feels better soon

  6. Wonderful roses - they look fab!
    So sorry to hear your hubby is unwell and in hospital - I do hope he is well on the way to recovery now.
    The new font looks great but it is a little harder to read, but its good to have a change isnt it, and we certainly won't be put off!!!
    Take care Becky
    Gill xx

  7. Thank you for the lovely comment you left me over at my blog, it's lovely to have you as a follower!
    I loveee these Roses, they are truly beautiful. I'm just wondering.. when you say you make them from a pancake. Do you cut a shape out of the pancake shpe felt and arrange it somehow..?
    I bought myself some different coloured felt fibres, brush mat and a needle tool thingy as I really wanted to give felting a try. But I have no idea where to start to be honest!

    Ashley xxx


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