Sunday, 31 July 2011


537. That's the number of eggs my 4 lovely chickens have laid this year! Three of them have been double yolkers! Just look at the size difference!

We wrote the number of eggs collected each day on our calendar. Now, with all these lovely eggs around, there has been a lot more egg-based cooking going on. Boiled eggs have certainly been on the menu once or twice and this led me to thinking that perhaps I could make something useful for us all with my felt. A friend had very kindly given me a carrier bag of wool roving (not sure what sort) of many mixed colours and this seemed perfect for a play. And so last night I cut some bubble wrap into a template and made this...

I'm sure you've guessed where this is leading. Yes, I decided to have a go at making some egg cosies (not a little felt hat!). I layered up the wool, lining it with bright pink then using a navy blue on top.
I bought a small roll of mixed fabrics recently to applique some pictures on to my felt and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to use them.

I blanket stitched the turned up bottom edge.

Using my sizzix machine and a flower die, I cut a large flower for the front, attached it using bondaweb (also cut using the same die) and ironed on. Some matching buttons for the center and some ribbon for a loop. Finished!

Perhaps not completely finished as I think it needs some blanket stitch around the flower. It is on the large side and completely covers the egg and cup, but I had to allow for shrinkage of the wool and it didn't shrink as much as I had anticipated.

The egg and cup are nestle happily under the cosy in the last picture! I actually quite like it that large and I'm sure it will keep our eggs toasty whilst I'm gathering the clan around the table!
Hoping to show you all my finished granny square cushion in my next post.
Becky x
A small apology for my absence lately. Simon went into hospital for the third time in as many weeks on Wednesday and I just didn't want to write a post of moans and whinges. He is home again, this time hopefully for good! (Actually I have just realised that is a complete lie as he is due to go into hosiptal for an operation on his shoulder on the 10th of August - my birthday! Having a run of bad luck at the moment.)


  1. They look great.
    Am now a new follower of your blog.

    {Dab and a dash.}

  2. That's one big egg! Love the egg cosy too!

  3. Love that egg cosy, Becky! I love the contrasting colours and patterns, and your blanket stitch is so even. I hope that August is a healthier month for your family.... Liz xx

  4. Gorgeous egg cosy - I love it! Everything you make always looks so perfect!

    Sorry that Simon has to go into hospital again on your birthday - very unfair! Glad he is back now though!

    Maria x

  5. Great egg cosy, and what a treat to have a home-laid egg underneath it (they always taste better from proper free-range hens, don't they?)
    Fingers crossed for your husband's speedy recovery
    Emily x


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