Saturday, 2 July 2011

Felt Rose

I had a little play with the felt I made and, for a first attempt, the flower has come out quite nicely.

I didn't need the whole circle but just used the outside edge so I'll save the leftover piece for another project.

I can't wait to make up the pink felt flower now. I am tempted to wire some beads into it.
Little Mannie is coping well, covered in calamine lotion but in better spirits. He had a good play in the garden when it was a little cooler this afternoon and, several swing rides, slides, climbs, bounces, bubbles and sandcastles later he is a much happier bunny!
Wishing you all sunny Sundays!
Becky x


  1. That's gorgeous Becky! The depth of colour, shape and texture are perfect, it'll be a lovely gift. I love the photos, too. Glad to hear that little Mannie is starting to feel a bit better - amazing how quickly children spring back, isn't it! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Liz x

  2. Lovely rose!
    When my Number 1 had the pox, the chemist recommended bicarbonte of soda for the bath - seemed to ease the itching!

  3. The rose is beautiful, a lovely bit of crafting! And, ah, how well I remember calamine lotion! xx

  4. Your rose is lovely!

    Funnily enough I have been planning to experiment with making flowers from spirals for about 2 weeks now (just had NO time). I crocheted a flower for a poncho I made, using a 'new to me' flower pattern & when I had finished crocheting it turned out to be a big spiral, which fit together beautifully.. happy to see it works with felt too - must pull my finger out and get felting this week!

  5. Gorgeous flower - I love it! Looking forward to seeing the pink one too!
    Maria x

  6. Its absolutely beautiful, amazing for a first try, I'd be making loads of them by now if it was me!!!
    Sue Xxx


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