Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A New Blog Award!

One of the hazards of teaching is that we tend to be ill at holiday times. Yes, you have guessed it, I spent last week fighting off a bug that didn't really take hold until Friday. Sadly, very little crafting happened last week and my two WIPs are still WIPs! No ta-dahs from me any time soon! Still, I was cheered up no end on Sunday when I received a lovely blog award from Jane at Hook and Yarn.

I was feeling a bit fed up that I week off had come to an end and I hadn't done much of the usual baking, walking, gardening, making...(not to mention spending nearly £700 on the car for tyres, breaks, service and MOT) when I found the award whilst checking out my favourite bloggy places. Perfect timing, Jane! If you haven't visited Jane's blog I would recommend it. She is very creative and generous with her patterns. She has a lovely daisy crochet square which I am hoping to have a go at soon.

I believe the recipient of this award is required to share 10 facts about themselves. I'm really not that interesting! But I will try...

1. I love lattes and when I go on holiday I take my latte machine with me!

2. I went to an evening class studying watercolour painting for 3 years with an artist called Judi Trevorrow. She is well known in Cornwall and is very talented. I really miss it and will take it up again when the children are older.

by Judi Trevorrow

3. I went to live with my Gran and Grandad at the age of 5 when they became my Legal Guardians. My Gran sadly passed away last July and I miss her terribly. She taught me how to sew and bake and is definitely where I get my love of crafting from. I see my Grandad often and he is still very active at the ripe old age of 90! Bless!

4. I have a bent finger! I broke it horseriding when I was 10 but my Mum didn't believe it was broken. By the time she took me to the minor injuries clinic it had already started to heal, but slightly bent. My poor Mum has never lived it down!

5. I love Cath Kidston but think it is terribly overpriced - sorry. (There's how to lose all your followers in one go!)

6. When I grow up I want to be a children's author! No seriously, one day I will find the time to write and illustrate the stories that bounce around my head.

7. I am very impulsive when it comes to buying yarn and plants. I don't buy because I have a project or place in mind. I see something and love it just for it's colour or texture or scent and then I get home I think 'what am I going to do with that?' I always find a home for plants but my yarn stash keeps growing!

Beginning to struggle now...

8. I went off coffee but got addicted to Marks and Spencers cafe coffee cake when I was pregnant with Lulus. My husband looked into buying me a whole one for my birthday (just for a day off going there!) and they were happy to order in a whole cake for me for £48.00! Needless to say I didn't have one!

9. I married (eventually) my childhood sweetheart! Our meeting again was under very strange and unexpected circumstances and now we are both huge believers in fate - what will be, will be.

10. I hate having my photo taken and have avoided putting any of myself on this blog but perhaps this would be a good time to share one with you. A very silly photo of my husband and I in fancy dress for a party a few years ago; pre-children, 2 stone lighter and with a lot less lines!

I will spend a few days thinking about who I should pass this award on to and let you know in my next post ;)

It is Little Mannie's 2nd birthday today! Can't believe he is 2 already. Where does that time go? We finally chopped those curls off last week. Surprisingly, it bounced up again after being trimmed so he still has a few curls, but is now looking more boyish so we will hopefully avoid future 'what a pretty little girl' comments!

I have coughed my way through this post (off work today as the talking yesterday played havoc with my chest).
Time for a chocolate break!
Have a good one.
Becky x


  1. Congratulations on your award Becky!
    Sorry to hear you're suffering, and what a shame it spoilt your half term crafting plans too.
    Love the Shrek (i assume, not the jolly green giant!)green faced photos of you both - your kids will love that when they're older!!!!
    Thanks for sharing those personal things about yourself - its kind of funny sharing personal stuff on blogs isnt it?
    So sorry to hear you lost you beloved Gran last year - she would be so proud of you, with all the lovely things you've been making. How lovely that your Grandad is there to share the memories with though.
    Happy 2nd Birthday to Little Mannie! Hope he has a lovely day, and that you feel better soon.
    Gill xx

  2. Love your Shrek photo! What brilliant costumes - I'm impressed!

    It's good to see a picture of you - even a green you! ;o) I've not put any pictures of me on my blog, and sometimes I think I should as I know I enjoy seeing what other bloggers look like!

    Congratulations on the award, and get well soon!

    Maria x

  3. Congratulations on your award Becky, very well deserved. Sorry you are feeling poorly. Lovely to learn all those new things about you. I think the photo of you and hubby is lovely, despite the green faces, perhaps you will fill us in on the rest of the romance story sometime. (I am a sucker for such things!)Hope your little boy has a really lovely birthday and hope you are on the mend soon. Lots of love, Linda x

  4. Congratulations on winning your award , agree you have a great blog x Like the picci of you at the end x I so believe in fate and what will be will be.

    Have a good week

    Leah x

  5. Huge congratulations on your well deserved award!

    Just a few things...

    1. totally understand taking your latte machine on holiday as its sooooo hard to find good coffee!

    5. I think that too!! Maybe keep an eye out for sales??

    7. Im the same with fabrics - but always end up using them for something :)

    9. Read your story on Dinki Dots blog and its such a lovely one! You're very lucky to have met your soulmate.

    10. What a fab photo to share!! I must dig out our photo of when we dressed up as The Incredibles!?! Perhaps we could do a "Crafters In Disguise" post! LOL :)

    Rhi x

  6. Hi Becky!
    Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog.I think I made a mistake doing all those posts in one day as most people only read and comment on the latest, so i havent had many comment on the first two, so thank you for taking the trouble.
    I do the collages in Picasa which is where my photos are uploaded. Its easy once you know how - but it took me hours and hours over several weeks to suss it a few months back, and then a couple of days ago i found a really easy method! All those wasted hours! If you have Picasa for your photos i can explain to you how to do it.
    Gill xx


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