Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Progress Report

Just a quickie to let you know that a very tiny amount of progress on the craft front is happening here! I am SLOWLY sewing together my granny squares for my cushion cover. I tested a few different methods out and settled for one that weaves the yarn down under the outside edge of the squares. It raises this edge slightly but I quite like this effect. I left long ends on each square so I'm using these to sew them together.

I haven't done anything to my felt bag yet, but in true 'Becky style' I did discover this when I was playing around...

I purchased two buttons, thinking I needed only one, but knowing how I like to alter designs as a I go along, had bought a spare just in case. Now I will still need to purchase an extra shell button for the loop closure on the bag! I thought I was ahead of my creative self on this one!
Hope you are finding more time to be creative than I am!
Becky x


  1. Your doing a good job of the sewing up of crochet squares and the colours you have chosen work well too.

    Like the design on your bag. x I must admit my knitting etc has remained in my storage for a couple of days - so I can re-charge my batteries.

    Leah x

  2. Love the colors for your cushion.xx

  3. Your crochet and felting projects are really pretty!!! The colors are gorgeous! I really admire people who are good at crocheting, because I do struggle with it. And I want to say thank you for adding my giveaway to your sidebar and for following my blog. That was sweet of you.

  4. I love the green and purple together, a beautiful piece of work. Good luck with the squares! x

  5. Your squares are looking great! The colours are just delicious together. And the buttons do look lovely in place... and you'll have to go button shopping again... make sure you buy lots extra just in case!
    Jane x

  6. I was just wondering yesterday how the felt bag was coming along! Those buttons look perfect in the middle of the flowers - I can't wait to see it all done!

    Loving the granny squares together! I especially like the colours of the 6 on the right-hand side. I remember you said these were Patons Smoothie - do you know what colours they are? I'm thinking of trying to find them online. I've not tried Patons Smoothie before, and the fact that it looks like cotton but is such good value sounds perfect! Did you get yours online or from a shop? (Questions, questions!)

    Thanks for your comment - I know, I'd better get cracking with the giveaway! I was excited last night to come home and see the new followers (I couldn't go to bed without logging into Blogger - I'm addicted!) Funny about the 'podgy' verification word... I think that Blogger is just jealous that he can't nibble on a chocolate orange!! Hehe...!)

  7. Love the little pearly buttons on your bag! Happy weekend, love Linda x

  8. I love your colour combinations for your crochet - it's going to look gorgeous! I only managed 2 crochet lessons, as the teacher couldn't cope with my left-handed rebellious ways - so I'll continue to admire your clever work and stick to felt for now!! Liz x

  9. Loved seeing your neat and pretty crochet and the gorgeous little bag - specially the mother of pearl buttons! Have a sunny Sunday!
    Helen x

  10. Your crochet squares are so pretty and I adore the colour combination of your flowers & buttons... totally fab

    You have inspired me and I have now got a terrible addiction to lining my felt bags!


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