Friday, 10 June 2011

The Knitted Half!

I don't know why but It didn't occur to me to share with you all the knitting projects in the book I showed you in yesterday's post. Perhaps it's because it has been quite a while since I have done any knitting, crochet seems to be my new love. I hadn't even looked at that half of the book myself!
Anyway, whilst waiting for laptop to boot-up this morning I picked it up and leafed through. There are some lovely projects and some slightly odd ones.
I'll let you judge for yourself...

So, what is that picture at the bottom all about with the fin and the pompoms?

Dog jackets!

Really? Why? I mean fins? Pompoms? Is this what a dog desires? I just don't get it (which is slightly ironic from the woman who wants to crochet a skirt for her bike!).
And the bikini... I think not! But the mobile phone covers are cute (although Julia Crossland has shared a great pattern today for crocheted ones which I prefer) and I quite like the leg warmers (are these back in?).

I know I have a blog award to pass on, so I plan to dedicate a post tomorrow to it.
I've started sewing my crochet squares together even though I don't quite have enough for a whole cover yet (so impatient!). I couldn't just go for it and risk having three white ones left at the end so I have planned out the colour arrangement.

I am such a control freak! I'm off now to stitch together a few more.
Enjoy the start of your weekend.
Becky x


  1. Hehe - just like me with the pattern planning - gotta be done! (Maybe we need to chill... but I like having a plan!)

    Dog jackets - insane! And I definitely can't imagine myself knitting up a bikini!! I think the crochet projects were better!

    Maria x

  2. Sensible idea to plan it out - the colour combo here looks perfect!
    Hmm not sure about that bikini either - i guess if you're very young and very thin.........
    As for the dog jackets - well, i cant laugh to much here as I know thats exactly what my daughter has in mind for Logan come the autumn - she's already sounded out Nanny for the actual knit/crochet work, and is just looking for a pattern - i will not be showing her these!
    Ho hum!
    I too prefer the crochet projects i think - but then i'm biased as i can't knit!
    have great weekend Becky!
    Gill x

  3. My dog would love that sweater... Very cute ;)


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