Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Inject Some Colour!

My garden has entered its 'green' phase. This happens every year despite my best efforts to add more summer flowering plants. So, last week I went to my local garden centre, B & Q (!) and a large car boot sale to buy some colourful plants! I did really well, loads of bargains at the car boot. I like buying plants this way because firstly it's cheaper and secondly the person has the parent plant and knows how best to care for it. On the other hand, if you catch it right at B and Q you can get some good sized plants for great prices (if they have remembered to water them of course!).
I was going to show you lots of photos I have taken of my bargains but I have been inspired by Gillyflower to get to grips with photoshop and produce a collage of my pics...

What do you think? I found a great tutorial for doing this online and I'm really pleased with the result.
I must confess that the white carnation and sambucus were already in the garden, but the others are new.
A few more...

Again, the welsh poppy was already in the garden but the rest are new. As soon as I have the energy to plant them all I'll take some photos of them in their new homes!

Still off work with this horrible cough. Sitting still is the only thing that doesn't cause a coughing fit, but I hate being off work, I always feel so guilty. Do you feel like this?
Becky x


  1. Wow!! Your flower collages are fantastic!
    I love the variety of the shapes, more intertesing than my uniform collages.
    The flowers look beautiful - i love that serrated edge white carnation.
    Thanks for the mention, am so glad I inspired you - made my day! Thats what blogging is all about isnt it - sharing and hopefully helping/inspiring each other.
    Hope you feel better soon
    PS word verification was "Bible" - they are extraordinary sometimes!
    Gill xx

  2. What fantastic photos, and the collages work so well!
    Hope your cough goes away soon.
    Kate x

  3. Wow, Becky, you've certainly added colour! Gorgeous! I'm sorry you're still coughing though. I'd always agonise before I phoned in sick about whether I'd be letting people down, but once I'd decided that I really was too sick to be of any use, I'd stop feeling guilty! If you need to sit still, it's the perfect opportunity to sit and crochet :)

  4. Love your colourful collages Becky the images are so clear and vibrant!
    Try not to feel guilty - you are keeping the germs to yourself!! Keep up the voice rest and hope you are bouncing back soon...
    Ali x

  5. What colourful collages Becky, they are fantastic. Your garden certainly has had a colour injection now! Love Linda x


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