Saturday, 11 June 2011

Kreativ Blog Award

A big HI to my new and old followers alike!
I got outside in the garden today, coughed less and feel much more like myself. Hooray!

I have a blog award to pass on but before I do I wanted to talk a little about these awards. For me, it's a 'thank you for sharing' award. Thanks for sharing creations, materials, ideas and for being inspirational (I'm talking about all of you - not me!). However, I am aware that there are those of you out there that regard them as the virtual chain letter, a complete and utter nuisance and unnecessary. If I pass this award on to anyone who doesn't want it, please forgive me. I won't be offended if it is never mentioned again!

So, I have chosen 2 lovely bloggers to offer this award to.

1. Faith's Craft Box
Leah is quite new to knitting and crochet (so she claims but she has very quickly accomplished several projects including booties!) and it is nice to follow her journey in the crafting world. She also likes to embed clips from films and songs from u-tube into her posts which always make me smile.

2. Dinki Dots Craft
Maria at Dinki Dots Craft is very creative and shares all her lovely projects. She is also well on the way to 50 followers and has promised to do a giveaway when she gets there so go on over and follow her! No, really, she's lots of fun and has a great blog.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend.
Becky x


  1. Ooooohhhhh!!! Meeee!! Thank you so much - how exciting, my first blog award!!!! What a lovely surprise, thanks Becky!!! Yay! :o)

    Glad you are starting to feel better too!!

    Maria x

  2. Hi Becky, glad you're feeling a bit better. I know what you mean about the awards and feeling that some people might not like them. But I agree with you that they are a nice way to say thank you to some people who provide inspiration and pleasure with their blogs. I'll certainly check out your awardees!
    Jane x
    PS Love your pattern plan for your cushion!

  3. Congratulations to the award winners! Hi Becky, thanks for visiting and leaving interesting comments. I love the sound of a converted Cornish Engine House and your grandads leather toolbox, good luck with both! Have an enjoyable Sunday, love Linda x

  4. Congratulations on your award, Becky - and also to your chosen award-winners! I'm off to take a proper look at the posts I've missed now... Liz x

  5. Hi, thought id drop by and say Hi, im fairly new to blogging, so im having a nosey at lots of blogs.Ive followed you, your blog is inspirational.x

  6. Ooh, lovely crochet-knitty-crafty blog. Well done on your awards. Gillyflower gave me a Liebster Blog Award too, she is lovely. I shall be following yours from now on and hope you find time to pop in to mine. carrad xxx

  7. Hi Becky, thankyou so much for your very encouraging words. Shame about the crabapples, but all the more for next year! The lavender jelly (which is really apple jelly flavoured with fresh lavender) is a little sweet for me, but I love the colour. Crabapple jelly is just the best! I don't have enough yarn to make the throw, I'm just using odds and ends,but I am encouraged that I can actually do it, so maybe I'll make the scarf and then get some new yarn for the throw? Have a wicked Wednesday, love Linda x

  8. Hi Becky!
    Glad to hear you are making progress!Sounds like you have had a teribble cough.
    Congrats to both your awardees! I am a regular vister to both blogs and can agree with you wholeheartedly that they are well worth a visit!
    I share opinions with you re: awards - it is a way of saying thankyou and a form of appreciation, and a wonderful way of helping one another in the world of blogging - there is nothing like receiving an award to boost ones confidence, finding out about new blogs and meeting new followers, and then being able to pass all that on!
    However i can also understand that for some people it can be a bit of a burden as they are time consuming to deal with!
    Becky, thanks for your lovely comments!Much appreciated and valued!
    The purple plant in my new header are campanula glomerata superba - and they are superba!Dont hesitate to get some if you can!
    Gill xx

  9. Thank you very much ! What a lovely surprise x :)

    Leah x


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