Saturday, 25 June 2011

My Forgotten Folksy Shop

Oh dear. I have been having so much fun making things for me I have abandoned my poor little shop at Folksy. It was quite unintentional, but now I find myself wanting some extra pennies for the holidays and very little in my shop to sell! There are only 4 weeks until the end of term so you might think that I would have time to make and sell a few bits, but those 26 reports are still on the to do list! I'm going to start them today, I am, I am, I am! After a coffee... and some toast... and finishing this post! I am normally so much more organised than this - really!
I have found a little time to make some crochet flower hair grips which I might put in my shop, but will probably take into school and sell.

Must find some time (LOL) to make some felt necklaces and acorns for the autumn. I have ordered some more wool roving in lovely autumnal colours from The Rainbow Room.

photo from The Rainbow Room

Hope you have a lovely weekend. Hopefully my next post will mention lots of progress on those reports!
Becky x


  1. Oh Becky - I really feel for you having to write all those reports when there are so many other temptations! Just keep thinking of those summer holidays, they aren't too far away now! Those colours are really pretty, just right for summer projects, Liz x

  2. Just cathcing up on your posts Becky as i've not been visiting anyone for a couple of weeks now.
    Love those litle hairgrips, I'm sure the girls will love them at school.
    Beautiful colour wool rovings - look forward to seeing what you make - am still amazed by the acorns that you made, they are so clever!
    Gill xx


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