Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My First Ta-Dah!

I am so excited to finally show my finished piece of crochet! My first Ta-Dah moment! (That's me hoping there will be many more to come!) This is the largest piece of crochet I have done and wish I hadn't done stripes - all those ends to sew in! But as each one disappeared I grew more and more excited. Anyway, I can't wait any longer to show you so...

I haven't actually told you what it is, have I ? My husband thought it was going to be a hat but you were all correct in thinking it was a basket. However, it's not for my wool. It had a temporary home in there whilst under construction. This is for LuLus and Little Mannie to put their eggs in on our Easter egg hunt in the garden. Lulus is delighted. She has watched it grow and has been eagerly awaiting the finished article.

I used Paton's DK Smoothie. It looks and feels just like cotton but is 100% acrylic. It's also very reasonable, I think I paid about £2.00 a ball and I've got loads of it left, maybe enough for some Easter bunting. Bargain! I didn't follow a pattern, I started with a circle and, when I thought it was large enough for the base, stopped increasing and kept the same amount of trebles on each row until it reached a good basket height.

The flower was in one of my new crochet books and the perfect finishing touch.
Thanks for sharing in my little creation and apologies for going on a little, I'm so very happy!!!
Becky x


  1. Oh Becky its lovely! Love the pastle springlike colours - perfect for easter egg hunts!
    The flower is the perfect finishing touch too!
    The wool looks good - will have to try and get some of that.
    Was just off to bed when I spotted you had just posted so had to pop over!
    Good Night!
    Gill x

  2. Your basket is beautiful, well done !!
    I love the colours you have used, very sweet.x

  3. Wow, it's gorgeous. Just the thing for Lulus and Little Mannie to use on the Easter egg hunt. I'm sure it will have lots of other uses afterwards too.

  4. OOh Becky, its beautiful! The colours are pretty. Hope its well used!
    Congratulations on the first of many Ta Dah's!!
    Ali ;-)

  5. How very cute Becky, I just love it. Well done I am sure your children are delighted? Love Linda x.

  6. Becky, that is gorgeous! You've chosen the perfect colour combinations and it is beautifully made. I can imagine it becoming part of your family's Easter tradition, LIz :)


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