Friday, 11 March 2011

Crochet Circle

Since buying my two new crochet books at half term I haven't had a lot of time to try things out. So this week I decided I would explore crocheting a circle.

I have an idea of what I would like to turn this into and I'm hoping it won't take too long if I add a few rounds each night.

Especially since I would like to make some Easter bunting for the garden egg hunt! Lucy at attic24 has posted about a super little crochet pattern for bunting that she found on the crochet with raymond blog. I don't really have a hope of getting bunting done by Easter but the thought is there!

I have finished three new felt flower brooches for Mother's day now. I have decided not to put them in my Folksy shop as I have had so many requests for them at work. Wish I could find the time to make more as I have my eye on a new felting book but I'm trying SO hard to not buy more crafty things unless I sell bits to pay for them.
I think I have solved my gift box problem for my brooches after a recent purchase on ebay for this cutting die:

However, 11 days on and it still hasn't arrived. I'm hoping it is on it's way but, after many problem free purchases on ebay, I think this one might not arrive. Just have that sneaky feeling. Shame, it looks like a good one and cost 15 pounds (still can't get that pounds sign back) + p&p.
Hope you have a good weekend.
Becky x


  1. Becky, I love the colour combinations in that crochet! It is beautiful - I'd love to learn how to crochet sometime. Such a shame about your ebay purchase: fingers crossed it'll still get to you :)
    Have a good weekend, Liz x

  2. Love the colours you're using on the crochet!Look forward to seeing the finished article. The brooches are so pretty, hope the cutting die turns up in time.
    (Funny i cant get the # (tahts what i get!)sign on my keyboard either so i have to keep writing pounds too - it is such a pain!!!My " and @ are switched too for some reason!!!)

  3. OOh lovely crochet...its something that still stumps me ..although shown, read instructions, and watched videos of..... so I really admire anyone who can do it! Pretty springy colours!
    Your brooches look great too. Hope your parcel gets to you soon! ;-) Ali


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