Saturday, 12 March 2011

Bored? What's That?

I can honestly say I'm never bored. I just don't have time to be. Even at half term when I had to wait an hour in a doctor's waiting room I wasn't bored - I went prepared with one of my new crochet books and I was actually quite grateful for the opportunity to simply sit and read in peace (didn't take the children!).
So when the weekends come along I try to fit in all the family stuff, I mean the nice things (not the washing, cleaning... although of course this has to be done) but the things I don't get time to do during the week as a working mum.
Saturday mornings usually consist of a spot of baking with Lulu. This morning we made carrot and apple cake and butterfly buns.
They are delicious (yes we have tried them already!) but so fiddly to decorate those wings. The recipes were from this little book:

It has some lovely recipes, great photographs (we always find it helps to see what it was supposed to turn out like!) and was only 5 pounds. Our butterfly buns were supposed to look like this:

So we didn't do too badly! Haven't tried or decorated the cake yet so I will have to let you know another day on that one.

Poor Little Mannie is so under the weather, he just wants to cuddle and sleep. Not sure what's wrong with him. Last night he had a raging temperature but that's eased now. He might have some more teeth coming through.

After school yesterday, I took Charlotte to get our ingredients for baking and popped into Matalan on the way, where I found this:

I coudn't resist. A few years ago we bought my neighbour a jug just like this for looking after our cats but it was very expensive. This tumbler was only 4 pounds, what a bargain!
And, I just had to buy something to go in it.

Can't wait for them to open their petals, I hope they're scented.

Anyway, I have stopped for a short break.
Coffee (using my husband's oversized mug, not very pretty but lasts a bit longer!), cake, crochet and a new crafts mag'. Heaven!
Becky x


  1. Yum, those buns look every bit as good as the ones in your cookbook! I bet they taste gorgeous, too :) And is that lovely basket holding your wool the crochet you've been working on? The colours just make me think of spring!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and I hope your little boy feels better soon.
    Liz x

  2. What beautiful butterfly buns Becky, super sparkles!!
    I too have some daffs at the bud stage in a glass tumbler....yours is really pretty. ;-)

  3. Becky, the butterfly cakes are lovely - look much nicer than the cookbook ones.
    Love the crochet basket - ideal for the wools.
    Hope you daffs open soon - its lovely when they first start to!
    Pop over to my blog Becky, you will see that I have picked a winner for the french style patchwork cushion and its you!!!! Congratulations, I do hope you will like it!
    Please can you email me with your name and address so i can post it off to you.
    Have a lovely Monday!
    Gill xx

  4. Congratulations on winning cushion, I thought it was me for a minute! hehehe, as a Becca too, But have discovered your lovely blog and am now following. I also teach but only 3 days, and have 3 little ones, pretty full on but fun isn't it!
    Nice to meet you,
    Take care for now,


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