Sunday, 27 March 2011

Felt Acorns and The Blog Award

I'm  sorry I haven't posted sooner this week. I have had a busy week and, just as I thought I had got through the work, I had a request through my Folksy shop for 100 felt acorns! I'm afraid I don't follow fashion or designers very closely so I can't claim to know exactly who or what this is for, but a designer (Jigsaw?) has asked for these felt acorns as a gift for the press at the launch of their Autumn/Winter collection. I got the request Friday and they need them asap so Friday night I spent hours (5 actually) up to my elbows in felt, water and soap!
So what do 100 felt acorns look like?
I am actually quite sorry to part with them! LuLu and I gathered the caps last Autumn, which I store in this jar.
I love this jar on my desk and I thought it would look quite empty afterwards but, surpisingly, I hardly made a dent on it at all.
Everyone who felts tends to develop their own techniques and tricks for getting the results they want. When I started felting I tried simply grabbing a chunk of felt, roughly rounding it into a ball and then wet felting, but it takes ages to roll a ball this way as you can't apply any pressure at first and I had so many balls that looked like a baby's bottom that I developed my own way. I wind a small piece of felt into a tiny ball. Then I wind another piece on top of this, in another direction, and continue this way until I get the size I want, allowing for about 20% shrinkage. They look a little like cotton wool balls.
Then it's to the sink for wet felting but this way is so much quicker and I don't get any funny shapes! Then I dry them on the radiator.

Are you counting? OK, this isn't 100 but I had 36 already made up! Then I use a hot glue gun to glue the caps on and theyre finished! Phew! The order came at just the right time as I dropped a metal spoon into my mixer last week and broke it! So I can now replace it and Lulus and I can make some of our delicious cookies (you can't mix this by hand, the mix is just too dry and it kills your arm!).
I will do another post this evening for my 'passing on' of the lovely Liebster blog award.
Have a lovely sunny Sunday!
Becky x


  1. Wow, that looks like a lot of work, but the results are fabulous, they look so good en masse.

  2. Becky, that is fabulous news! Just think, your lovely felt acorns will be distributed far and wide...what a lovely thought. You must be exhausted after all that work, but I must say that the end result is very lovely. The colour combinations you have chosen work very well together. Liz :)

  3. Becky they are fantastic!!
    Congrats on getting the order, so exciting!
    Gill x

  4. Well done on getting the order from Jigsaw, that's fantastic. They look really cute. They must be showing their Autumn range.Love Linda x.

  5. Your felt acorns are beautiful! I love the jar filled with acorn cups too, what a lovely idea. And how fantastic to get an order for them from Jigsaw!! Have a great week.
    Helen x

  6. How cool Becky! What a fab order! The colours look fantastic and what a great way to make them! Well done! Ali x


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