Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Easter Decorations

There have been a lovely collection of Easter decorations out there in blogland recently. Have you noticed them? I can't compete with any of these but wanted to show you our Easter tree decorated with my felt eggs. 

I cut some of the contorted hazel branches from the garden which made hanging the eggs exactly where I wanted them really easy because of the twists in the branches. As you can see, I didn't get round to decorating my lovely eggs, well, only one...

I blame the lovely weather - too nice to be indoors! I'll have to decorate the rest ready for next year's tree!
The other lovely felt decorations on the tree came from Tesco!

And here is the Easter basket I crocheted full to bursting with all the goodies found on the egg hunt in our garden.

Rest assured, a little rationing will be taking place in our household over the coming weeks!
Becky x


  1. The bunnies look very cosy in their crocheted basket (-;

  2. Becky your felt eggs are gorgeous!The colours are fantatsic and the little egg that you did get round to decorating is so delicate, its lovely!
    Am impressed with Tesco's efforts - they are great - right "on trend" (hmm i dont like that phrase)
    Thanks for sharing your lovely tree - hope your children enjoyed their easter egg hunt with the sweet basket you made.
    Gill x

  3. What a magnificent display Becky, so colourful and I love how the twisty branches show off your individual eggs...Good to see the basket's been well used!
    Ali ;-)

  4. It all looks beautiful! I don't think your eggs need any more decoration, and they look superb hanging from that contorted hazel. We've got one in a pot, but it isn't yet big enough to 'harvest'! It looks like you and your family are having a great Easter break - and there's still plenty more days to enjoy! Liz x

  5. The contorted hazel works brilliantly as an Easter tree, and the eggs look great! I love the one you've decorated, but the rest look nice and colourful too! Very cheery!

  6. Your decorations are lovely - and what a great idea to use the twisted hazel branch as a tree which both looks pretty and stops the decorations slipping around - perfect!
    Have a lovely day.
    Helen x

  7. Sorry I am just getting to read your post now! Hope you had a lovely Easter. Your decorations are lovely, so colourful, and the basket is delightful. Love Linda x

  8. Thankyou for visiting Becky and leaving very kind comments, love Linda x

  9. I am a very lucky girl I know! I like the tote bag best too and have already used it to do a little shopping today. My daughter has snaffled the largest purse.Many thanks for your comments. love Linda x

  10. Thanks for your comments Becky!
    Sounds like real life has been very busy for you!
    Hope you find a bit of time over the weekend to relax and enjoy your family and garden.

    Have a great weekend!
    Gill xx

  11. Thanks for your comments Becky, you should have cut your peony and brought it in. A neighbour has just asked me if my tulips were real! Yes, I recommend Gill's banana bread, it's good. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, love Linda x


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