Saturday, 7 May 2011

Garden Makeover

I couldn't have asked for a more sunny, relaxing and productive Easter. I have certainly refreshed my batteries and feel ready for all the tasks this term will throw at me (annual reports being the hightlight of the term!).
So, to the garden... before - the hedge and arch I planted 12 years ago looking up the garden from the pond.
Looking a little overgrown with my husband squeezed into the gap!
This was the view from the other side...

When I planted it I wanted to create corners in my large garden. I hadn't thought about the time it would take to keep it neatly trimmed or the amount of shade it would cast.
Anyway, a day of lopping and ...

I can't believe how much it has opened it up and how much lighter everything is.

We fenced around the pond when Lulu began to walk 4 years ago. Now the hedge has gone we have continued the fence between the patio and pea gravel patch to keep the children safe. They have their own play area at the bottom of the garden.

I bought this carved man last summer and he has lived in my garage (rent free!) since then. But now he has a new home. I think he likes it!

Here's Little Mannie throwing gravel into the pond from the slate bridge. I still can't bring myself to chop off those curls! It will happen soon as my husband is fed up with people (usually old ladies) saying 'what a pretty little girl'!

Lots more plants are now flowering since my last garden post.
This peony looks beautiful resting gently on my granite seat.

The snowball bush is covered in blossom.

My husband bought me this azalea last year, I think it's called 'Percy Wiseman'. I took this Wednesday when it was just ready to burst into flower. Today it looked amazing in full bloom, I'll try and remember to take another photo of it.

erysimum - perennial wallflower

wisteria - ready to flower


lilly of the valley

gunnera mannicata



fragrant deciduous azalea

the strawberry patch!


London pride

another perennial wallflower

Of course, my girls have been enjoying the sun too!

There was a little crafting last weekend which will have to keep for next post.

Hope you have been enjoying some flowers too.
Becky x


  1. What a satisfying way to spend the holidays! Your garden looks fantastic, a lovely space for your family to enjoy, and what a transformation you've made in such a short time. Healthy hens, too!
    Oh, and my sister loves the felt that I made her. Now my mum wants one...:)
    Liz x

  2. You've got such a lovely garden! I love your carved man!

    Regarding the stripy blanket - I made myself sew the ends in after every few rows, to keep on top of it, or I knew it would drive me mad doing them all at the end! It is a pain, though! But I don't regret the stripes, as I love the way it looks. Will be pleased when the border is finally done, though!

    Your basket is so nice, I definitely think it was worth the effort of doing stripes - I love how it looks!

    Maria x

  3. OOh Becky what a fantastic garden, all that outside space to be artistic with...and how creative you have been! Love the colourful flower pics...some of my faves..Lily of the Valley, Peony and cornflower. Like the wildlife too(!!) and the hidden and not so hidden sculpture features..Congratulations - all your hard (but enjoyable) work has been so visually rewarding, and I'm sure it smells fantastic too!
    Ali x

  4. Your garden looks beautiful Becky, so much lovely colour, and you're going to have loads of strawberries by the looks of things! Your little boy looks adorable with his curls!
    Gill xx

  5. pretty garden !


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