Saturday, 14 May 2011

Mollie Makes Magazine

I found a brilliant new magazine this week. It's called 'Mollie Makes' and it's packed with super ideas for a range of crafts.

It was the crocheted apple covers that caught my eye on the shelf. Absolutely gorgeous in a pretty pointless kind of way!
The magazine came with this free gift which I am looking forward to making.

This first issue cost £4.99 but it has an offer inside for the next 3 issues for only £5!

I love these little eggs, an idea for next year's Easter tree perhaps.

But my very favourite idea in the magazine is this one. This is my absolute dream. I am desperate for a vintage bike with a wicker shopping basket, but to have this piece of crochet on it is just amazing.

What an stunning idea - a crocheted frock protector!
I LOVE it!
Guess what my next project is going to be?!

Becky x


  1. Completely delightful I love it! Looking forward to seeing the finished article :) This magazine looks fab, will have to look out for a copy - I would use those apple holders too! Sarah x

  2. I bought this mag today, I too was drawn by the crochet apple covers, I haven't managed to have a look through yet, one poorly child and two who insisted on singing and dancing around the living room to Eurovision have put an end to my peaceful evening !! x

  3. Thanks for the comments about my header!
    I think those apple covers are so appealing... utterly pointless, but utterly gorgeous!! You must show them on here if you make any!
    Maria x

  4. I am beginning to think that you crocheters (if that's such a word) are a bit mad! Apple cosies and mudguards eh? Don't take offense I'm only joshin',love Linda x

  5. The dress guard is awfully pretty when I look at it again, help your madness is rubbing off! Thankyou for your lovely comments and helpful advice.My garage still has paintpots and tools and de-flated paddling pools, just don't look behind the fabric panels. Have a lovely day Becky, Linda x

  6. Just popped over when I saw you mention a crocheted frock protector on someone else's blog and I was intrigued!
    I knitted an apple cover once.

    Ha ha my word verification is dipsi! Is that referring to me or you?

  7. The magazine looks exciting!
    Love the crocheted mudguard, how cool and vintagey is that!
    Hmm not sure about the apple cover though - why?
    Gill xx

  8. Hello,

    Just discovered your blog through gillyflower.

    That magazine looks like a good read will keep an eye out for it.

    Have a good weekend.

    Leah x

  9. Hi Becky, just found your blog through Gillyflower - love it! I loved Mollie Makes too. The crocheted mudguard is just beautiful - but if you'd made it, could you bear to get it muddy??!!
    Jane x


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