Monday, 4 April 2011

Because I'm Worth It!

For A Mother's Day treat, we popped down to St.Ives on Saturday. We had plans for a family meal on Sunday and knew it would be a busy day so Saturday was my day for a little relaxation and retail therapy!

There are lots of lovely little shops with unusual little gifts and pieces of art. There are also two wool shops and a bead shop so plenty to satisfy my crafting needs. I have been trying to limit my spending on craft items recently, but Mother's Day is intended for a few little treats and I needed no encouragement!

My first little purchases were some gorgeous new yarns for some crochet and felting projects.

I have already started to crochet a scarf from the purple wool and silk yarn. I'm using a pattern from a new crochet book I bought from Sainsburys last week. It has some super little projects and only cost £3.50.

I bought some coloured wire from the bead shop.

I have wanted to have a try at crocheting with wire for a while now. I found a lady called Yael from Israel making the most beautiful crochet wire jewellery and art.

Isn't it stunning? I have had a little play but it is a lot harder than using yarn. Her shop on Etsy, called Yoola, sells tutorials, as well as her work.

I then found some more stunning yarn at the other wool shop. It is a wool, alpaca and silk mix and will be great for felting projects as well as a little crochet.

It was an absolute bargain. It was supposed to be £10.00 a skein but 5 skeins were on offer for £15.00! I haven't crocheted a wearable item yet and there is so much of this that it seems a shame not to make something a bit larger.

One last buy (not from St.Ives), some fabric for some Easter bunting for the garden.

I love the bright colours, flowers and stripes. There should be enough left over for some other projects too.
As well as being very spoilt, I took the opportunity to spoil my Mum. She has a Pandora bracelet and loves the beads. I found Argos have earrings on which you can put small beads so we bought her a set of earrings and many beads! She is a real magpie and loves her bling! 
Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day too.


  1. Wow, you found a great bargain on that yarn. I too bought that crochet book over the weekend. I can't crochet but I intend to learn, a blogpost will follow shortly.

  2. Sounds like you had a smashing time selecting all your goodies!

  3. How lovely to visit St Ives for the day! I love it there, but havent been since my daughter was little - I love the beach, the arty feel to the whole place, and the Tate St Ives!
    You found some great bargains wool wise - especially love the look of that Mille Fiame and the last yarn - 5 for £15 is a fantastic deal!
    The crochet wire work looks amazing - wonder how fiddly it is?
    In response to your comment, I did get a lie in thankyou - and breakfast in bed too! Had 11 for lunch so busy but great day followed!
    Thanks for info re; Folksy and Etsy, thats really useful - had wondered whether to try both.
    Gill x

  4. What a lovely day Becky ...I'd love to visit St Ives! You found some brilliant colourful delights too....looking forward to seeing your creations.
    The wire crochet sounds intriguing.
    Hope you enjoy making as much as finding! Ali x

  5. What a treasure trove of crafty purchases - I wonder what you'll make with them? I love that photo of St Ives - it looks very atmospheric and tranquil. How lovely to be able to visit for a day trip, Becky! Hope your week is going well - not long until Easter!
    Liz x

  6. Hello,

    wat a wunderful photo from
    St.Ives .

    I like it ....

    greatings send you Conny

  7. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well Becky.
    Its lovely to know that a few pics of my fur babies and garden would help to cheer you up - not sure whether you've seen yesterdays post, but you'll find its all there!
    Always worry that people get fed up seeing my wretched garden photos and pets all the time, but its all a novelty for me this first year in the garden. So I'm glad that you anyway enjoy them!
    Hope you feel better quickly, and can enjoy your weekend ( and a couple of weeks hols presumably as you're a teacher!)
    Gill xx


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