Monday, 18 April 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I love looking at fellow bloggers gardens, often I'm a little green with envy, but mostly I simply love plants.

montana rubens

When I bought my bungalow, nearly 13 years ago, it was all lawn. It is one of three built in the 1960s on a small meadow backing onto woodland.

Very little had been done to my garden over the years, whereas the neighbour's gardens were quite beautiful. Anyway, I saw it as a clean palette, ripped out the few disappointing shrubs and a hedgerow, got my uncle to level over much of it (we're on a gentle slope) and started to design. I will dig out some old photos as it has to be seen to be believed.

The crab apple in front of the bungalow is in full bloom (the only plant I inherited from the former owners that I love) and it's just stunning. All I could hear as I took these photographs was the gentle hum of all the bees.

primula 'gold lace'


marsh marigolds

ajuga reptens purpureum

alpine phlox


euphorbia 'fireglow'

tulip (don't know variety)

skimmia japonica?


alpine (no idea what!)

peony bud

Welsh poppy and purple leaved violet

contorted hazel (hoping to cut some of this for an easter tree)

vinca minor

veronica (bit blurry - chicken pecked me!)

Apologies if I have got any of the plant names wrong. It was lovely taking time to appreciate my plants. I hope you have enjoyed them too!
Becky x


  1. Amazing flower pictures! That contorting hazel would be perfect for an Easter Tree - I can picture it already!

  2. (Oops, After re-checking I see that I meant 'contorted' hazel - my plant knowledge is virtually non-existent!)

  3. OOh what lovely blooms Becky...a rainbow in a garden!... and fantastic twists on the hazel.. Hope you are continuing to enjoy your garden in the holidays.
    Ali ;-)

  4. Gorgeous photos Becky, such colour. Your garden is further on than mine. Do you make jelly from the crabapples? Hope you are having lovely weather, its a really warm day here in Ireland, love Linda x

  5. Becky what beautiful photos!! You have some gorgeous flowers in your garden!
    The crab apple tree blossom is lovely.
    I am so jealous, you have my fav blue cornflowers, so pretty - the house we moved out of last year had masses of them and I loved them, and never had time to dig a small amount to bring with us. I have got lots of little seedlings though from seed i sowed a few weeks ago so am keeping fingers croissed they are the same.
    I think the little beautiful bright blue alpine is a gentian - they are lovely!
    The hazel is wonderful, and will make a brilliant easter tree hung with little eggs (felt ones???)
    Thank you so much for sharing your garden beauty with us, i really enjoyed it - and you were organised enough to say what each plant is!
    I hope you get to enjoy your beautiful garden during the easter holidays Becky.
    Gill xx

  6. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful selection of flower images, Becky. Your garden looks lovely - clearly well loved and tended by you! I hope you are having good weather to enjoy it to the full whilst you are on holiday,
    Liz x

  7. i love that you have chickens! i grew up on a farm with chickens! that is so awesome!


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