Sunday, 20 February 2011

Treat Yourself!

So, I'm officially off work for a week and that involves a bit of retail therapy, doesn't it? We have a local farmer's market in the village once a month which a few local craft's people attend. I picked up a jar of chilli jelly (which I am a little addicted to and seems to accompany my every meal!) and then spotted this...

I just love this print. 

It works so well with the spotty one too, but I would never have thought to put them together.
I asked the lady if she made children's aprons and she said she could, so next month I'm hoping to pick one up for Lulu, my little girl (not her real name but a nick name that sort of evolved due to the Bob the builder theme tune - it's a long story!).

Later, during a little wander around the Range looking for a clock for our newly decorated hallway, I found this...
a lovely little collection of papers. This is quite a heavy cardstock which I like to use to make gift boxes for the jewellery I sell on Folky. These are really quite beautiful with a touch of glitter (I am a primary school teacher!). I have a lovely gift box die to use with my sizzix machine and these papers will look just great (pics to follow when I've had a play).

Tomorrow more shopping, I want to make some fabric storage boxes for a new shelving unit so it's off to a fabric shop (or Mummy's sweet shop as Lulu's calls it). I feel the need for some new yarn and maybe a crochet book or two. Yes, I will definitely rename this half-term to 'treat yourself' week! x

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  1. Lovely purchases, Becky! I'm looking forward to seeing the gift boxes you make with that pretty paper :) Enjoy your treat week, Liz x


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