Sunday, 27 February 2011

2 Projects

Project 1.
 A couple of weeks ago I gave you a little peek at my latest brooches. Well, I did a little more sewing last night and a few are well on there way...

Some are needle felted with beautiful hand spun wool and others are decorated with sari silk. I love working with the sari silk waste but it is a bit of a pain to sew as it unwinds really easily. I wrap the thread in coloured wire before stitching the spiral onto the felt flowers. It is very time consuming but they look stunning in the end.

I still have to sew beads onto this one's centre.

Project 2.
I have to thank Liz at That Fuzzy Feeling for the tutorial on her blog which I used for my next project. Liz makes the most beautiful needle felted bowls and I was inspired to have a go. Wow, it was hard work! I was so engrossed I forgot to take pics as I was going along, which is probably just as well as it was a mess! In the end I have something respectable, if a little wonky but fortunately felt is very forgiving.
The colours look much better in real life. The spiral is rose pink and actually goes really well with the baby pink and blue. I was inspired this morning by Koralee at Bluebird Notes. If you pop over to her blog you will see she loves these colours a LOT!
An upside down view - toadstool top?!
I'm not sure the outside is finished yet but I decided to quit while I was ahead. Huge respect to Liz, not sure I have the patience to tackle another one of these!
Becky x


  1. Becky, I love those brooches and wow, that's a really pretty bowl. So pleased that you found my tutorial useful :) They do take a long time, don't they - my partner says that sometimes he feels like a needle felting widower! Liz x

  2. Your brooches are really colourful Becky, love the sari silk - pity I'm not a sewer (thats sew-er not a waste pipe!) but then maybe a good thing as I'd be flitting onto something else! Your needlefelted bowl is fab looks so smooth and chunky in a felty sort of way! ;-)


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