Friday, 6 January 2012

New Year, New Felting Projects

Happy New Year to you all! I hope it brings you health, wealth and prosperity - and, most importantly, happiness.
I have abstained from New Year's resolutions, but have started as I mean to go on with my felting - lots more of it!
So, another two mobile phone covers have been felted! Here is the first of the two.

I had made a prefelt from the gorgeous strawberry sundae fibres I put in my last post and, once dried, used my sizzix machine to cut flowers from it. 

 A plain citrus green felt was used for the first two layers and then the final layer was added using the lovely green wool and silk fibre mix. Finally, the flowers were laid on top and it was all felted together.

It was quite large at this stage, pencil case size, but as it was felted it shrunk down considerably.

Once dry, I cut one end to create an opening and hand embroidered it with french knots and and back stitching to accent the flowers.The closure is made with baby velcro. It has smaller loops so it doesn't snag on the felt.

The felt is quite thick so it should protect a phone well from bumps and knocks. It would fit most mobiles, here shown with my Blackberry and my husbands iphone.

 A few close-ups and back shot:

I haven't finished the other cover yet. I'll give you a little peek...

A definite sea theme for this one!

So, I have already completed my monthly make for January and posted it on Flickr in the Monthly Make - January group. Others have been busy too so don't forget to pop over for a look!

I am enjoying doing some wet felting after needle felting so many brooches before Christmas.
There are now so many projects that I want to try: bags, felted silk nuno scarves, vessels, flowers and maybe even some baby shoes. I'm not sure where to begin but being signed up to the monthly makes will get me into gear for achieving some of these.
Two flowers to go on the Japanese cowl - a tah-da is on the horizon!

Have a lovely weekend,
Becky x


  1. That is really pretty - I really love the green with the red flowers. I have finished my monthly make too, just need to upload the pics and post about it! Happy New Year to you! x

  2. You have put me to shame - you have already done your monthly make and the first week isn't even done! And it is so beautiful too

    I love all your felt pieces, they are so delicate looking but I know from making my own felt things how tough they can be - how *do* you get them to look so soft and fragile? Mine always look a bit chunky!

  3. Very cool Becky! :) And happy new year to you.

  4. Beautiful! I love the way you've sewn a line round some of the flowers and done centres for others. Can't wait to see the sea-themed one!
    Jane x

  5. OOh Baecky what lovely felty cases! The colours are fab and the added extra embroidery gives it a great finish! Great start to the New Year...and cool project wish list...some of them are on mine too!
    Ali x

  6. What lovely work you do...with all of the special details!
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the blue/green one, too!

  7. What a gorgeous little phone case. I do love the soft textural look of felting and would love to try it one day. Well done on already finishing a project for 2012! Have a great weekend.
    Helen x


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