Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Felting - An Expensive Hobby?

'Hester' asked me a question in a comment she left on my last blog post that really got me thinking - is felting an expensive hobby?
The short answer is - no!
Now, because I'm going to ramble on a bit, I'm going to throw in some pics of other felter's work with a link to their blogs to inspire you to felt!

The actual wool fibre is really very cheap. I buy the majority of my felting wool from Sara's Texture Crafts. She runs a small business where she dyes, cards and blends a range of wools and other fibres. She also spins it into yarn and does lovely things with it herself. It's great quality, she is passionate about what she does and is also very helpful; there are lots of tutorials for felting projects on her website. She sells her wool fibre in different weights and, obviously, the more  of a colour you buythe cheaper it is. For example 25g of a single colour of merino wool is 99p. I used exactly 25g of the raspberry chocolate blend to make my vase, flowers and vessel (plus a little white).

by Deborah of Felter's Journey

So, when you look at it that way, no, not very expensive, but I appreciate that for some people this would be beyond their budget and I know that I am lucky to be able to afford the luxury of a hobby. However, what I sell does cover the cost of my materials (but not my time) so I feel I can justify my purchases. 
Blends are a little more expensive than single colours and if you have other fibre mixes, like silk, that's a little more too, but not massively. Postage pushes the price up a little. My last order was about £40.00 but the postage was £9.00 - I will add that Sara is very fair and only charges what it costs her.

by Gillian Chapman of Felting Matters

Other than the wool to felt, you will need some soap (I use bars of sensitive soap, but others use olive soap or even washing-up liquid), netting to hold the fibre in place when you begin to felt it, bubble wrap to help agitate the fibres and a bamboo mat for rolling. And, of course, lots and lots of water!

Some people say you should put a drop of white wine vinegar in your final rinse to restore the natural ph balance of the wool. I never used to, but more recently have. I can't tell any difference if I'm honest!

Then you need time and that's why this hobby will never make me rich!

There are loads of tutorials on youtube and people's blogs to get you started so you don't need to spend out on books unless you really want to.

by Elizabeth Armstrong of Studio Felter

Are you inspired to have a go? I've been felting for two years now and feel like I'm only just beginning to find out what I can do. I really love it!
If you fancy a go and want a small starter pack of lots of colours I would recommend you visit The Rainbow Room on Etsy.

These are great packs and the merino wool is super quality. This pack weighs just over 200g and costs just under £10 +postage. That works out about 10g per colour. Clara Luna who owns the online shop is based in Wales, unlike many things on Etsy which are in the USA.

Other things like unusual fibres, beads and buttons to embellish and add interest you can pick up over time.

So, that little essay should get you started!
Were you inspired by all the work of those super fibre artists? I get so excited at their use of colour, texture, fibre and range of projects. They are all just amazing and I can't thank them enough for sharing their inspirational work.

Time to go felt!
Becky x


  1. I have always wanted to try. Definitely on my list of things to try this year. Thank you for all the links too xxx

  2. Thank you for all the lovely info, I have really admired your work and would love to be able to create something as beautiful. Would love to try it, maybe it can be one of my crafts to try this year! x

  3. What a great colourful and fluffy post Becky...I would agree with everything you have said..it is such an interesting, exciting, and rewarding craft..and there's always new things to try and experiment with! I found that I need more and more space to store all the fluffy rainbows of tops! Perhaps I should just make more felty things and my stash will diminish!
    Love all your links too - just shows what a varied bunch felters are - and how fab that is too!
    Keep up the felting and all your other great stuff!
    Ali x


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