Sunday, 5 February 2012

New Felty Projects!

So, as you all know, I'm experimenting with different felting projects and I just had to show you this one! Can you guess what it is from the template?

Mmm... do you need a clue?!

It's actually going to be 2 things!

So, template cut out of bubble wrap.
Fibres laid out on one side, gently felted, turned over and edges turned in.
Repeated for the second side.
Layer 1 done!
Repeat the whole process twice more so that each side has had 3 layers.

Now for the hard work! I use a foam tube covered in a vinyl table mat and roll over the piece wrapped in bubble wrap 25 times, rotate 90 degrees and repeat until I'm back to where I started. I then turn the piece over and again roll, turn...

Then stage 2 of the hard work, lots more rolling! Rolled in the bubble wrap and a bamboo blind 100 times, rotated x 4, each side.

By now it's shrunk a lot (and my arms ache!)...

...any guesses yet?
Time to remove the bubble wrap.

I cut the piece into two, trimmed and shaped them.

You've guessed, now, haven't you?!
Yes, a pair of baby shoes!

They were a bit of a pain to get the same size and shape but now they're dry I'm quite pleased with them. I don't think I would make them this way again. It was hard work trying to rub away the thicker raised line down the centre which was where the felt was folded around the template.
I'm hoping to embellish them this week and add some crochet edging or maybe even sock style crochet tops. However, the new felting book has arrived from Hong Kong and I'm desperate to start the next project - it should be a good one and add another string to my felting bow!
Hope you're enjoying your weekend.
No snow here and not likely to be :(
Becky x


  1. Perfectly cute baby booties, I love them! :) I wish I was little so I could wear them.

  2. How super - really cute, just the thing for the weather we are having at the moment!


  3. I never guessed what they were going to be! They are just amazing and so cute, can't wait to see them embellished! What little snow we had has gone, oh well no sledging for the kids today x

  4. They may have been a lot of work, but they're lovely!

  5. Oh these baby shoes are so sweet! They make me think of little elves! I was guessing all sorts of things, but didn't guess correctly! How adorable they will look on little chubby feet, and how cosy they will be too!
    Have a lovely week.
    Helen x

  6. They are adorable and look so cosy... you get such a beautiful finish on your felt pieces... how do you do it? I find mine all look a lot fluffier and kind of like they need a good grooming!

  7. Becky your little shoes are so cute. I hadn't a clue what you were making, I thought it was a neck pillow! They would be so lovely just as decoration in a child's room. You are a clever stick! Love to you, Linda x

  8. Oh they are so sweet!
    I love the colours, they are magic!
    Well done you!
    (I was thinking eye mask!!!!)


  9. An opportunity to come back and look at those adorable little shoes, so cute and chunky, like a pair if little dutch clogs!
    Thanks for your lovely comments Becky, I do so appreciate them. With much love, Linda x


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