Tuesday, 21 February 2012

How 'Versatile' Am I?!

VERY! Apparently! As I received the Versatile Blogger award twice only one day apart of each other. A huge thanks to Carrad of Faded Reverie and Rae of Felt by Rae for my latest awards. I'm making quite a collection as you can see in my sidebar! I don't mind them at all. I think it's just a nice way of saying 'I like reading your posts', which, of course, we all like to hear. So, THANK YOU!
I will dutifully pass on the award to 15 bloggers and share 7 new facts about me in my next post.

I have been busy with the fluff and bubbles again, mastering (ha!ha!) another technique so I can add it to my list of tutorials. Another vessel has been felted, again on a flat resist (circle of bubblewrap).

Why does this one make me think of a sea anemone?

I used dark turquoise for the main colour, with some beautiful peach and coral yarn felted on the surface along with some creamy gold sari silk.

I'm not sure that the sari silk is actually silk, even though I pulled it out of a sari silk waste yarn ball. It just didn't felt in the way I'm used too, it was more rough (almost synthetic) and didn't want to work into the felt. Just strange.
I used my felting needle and jabbed in any bits that were left sticking out to stop it looking untidy. I am pleased with the finished effect and the sari 'silk' catches the light well.

I have also felted another pair of baby shoes. This time I made two flat resists and I think I liked this better.

I am still learning lots with each new thing I felt. This time I went on to the rolling stage too quickly and the felt started getting ripply edges after a session of rolling. I quickly backtracked to the rubbing through the net part until the fibres stopped pulling away in the pinch test. What did I learn? Don't try to take short cuts with the process!

Anyway, I saved them and they have turned out well. I'm going to crochet a cuff for the ankle part in a less pretty finish for a boy. I may have to cut the openings a little larger first, they may be a bit on the small side to squeeze a chubby foot in!

I'm back to work. I had a busy and productive half-term and feel revitalised and ready for action! I wonder how long that feeling will last?!
Becky x
PS. A huge HELLO to my new followers! Thank you for joining me here!


  1. OOOh Becky your vessel is amazing!! Love the beautiful blue and all the soft swirliness! I have had the same experience with sari silk at times!
    Congratulations on your awards - very well deserved!
    Looking forward to seeing the next stage of your fab baby shoes...you certainly are very productive!!
    Ali xx

  2. I love your vessel and it certainly makes me think of a sea anemone too!

    I can't wait to have a go at felting a vessel myself - my daughter and I are going on a course in August.

    Kate x

  3. I love the vessel - it reminds me very much of a sea anemone too.

    Can't wait to make my own felted vessel. My daughter & I are booked on a one day course in August :)

    Kate x

  4. That's a beautiful vessel, Becky, I love the combination of colours and I can imagine how beautifully tactile it must be! Those little slippers are gorgeous, too - I haven't had much success with slippers, as I struggle with getting them the same size. Tony, my partner, has been graciously wearing an odd-sized grey pair that I made for him, but I think he was quietly relieved when the heel wore out!!
    Liz x

  5. Loving that felted vessel Becky, its beautiful! And such sweet little baby slippers!

    Congrats on the awards too.

    Gill xx

  6. Das sind ja wunderbare Dinge die es hier zu sehen gibt. Hab Dich zufällig beim Blog-Stöbern gefunden und freu mich immer hier andere Kreative zu treffen. Ich komm gerne wieder. Vielleicht klickst Du mal rüber, ich würd mich freuen.
    Liebe Rosaliegrüße ∙∙♥♥∙∙

  7. I always love your felted makes, they are so satisfying in shape, texture and colour. And I have a real thing for baby shoes of all kinds ....these are just so sweet!
    Helen x


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