Monday, 3 October 2011

Finding 5 minutes

I am still here, honest, just very busy at work and trying to get a good balance between work and family things. Somehow blogging has been put on the back burner. The lovely weather has meant we have been trying to get out and enjoy the sunny autumn (really?) days.

 Crafting has been reduced to snatching the odd 5 or 10 minutes here and there, which isn't the most satifying or productive way to work but at least I feel I'm doing a little something for me.

Two more colours have been added to my blanket.

I had a sudden "I'm not sure I like this anymore" moment and very nearly ripped the whole lot out. Fortunately my husband stopped me. I think it is just the slow pace that it's developing at that got to me for a minute. There are two rows per ripple colour and I have done 14 colours, so 28 rows out of a total 170 rows. Mmmm, about a sixth of the blanket, slow progress then. My Grandmother always used the saying "patience is a virtue" with me. Poor soul, I must have driven her to distraction as it is not one of my qualities! At least not with crochet!

A couple more matryoshka have been felted and are now waiting to be decorated. I would love to make a set decreasing in size.

I keep receiving requests from my colleagues for some of my crochet brooches. I wear one practically every day, but I just can't seem to find the time to finish anything at the moment. 
Lots of beginnings but no endings, it's very dissatisfying.

A lovely surprise arrived in the post for me last week. A thank you parcel from the lovely Ali of Random Wooliness who won my giveaway back in August. I didn't open it straight away. I wanted to find that quiet time when the children are in bed and I could relax and open it at my leisure. That moment didn't arrive so the next day I ploughed right in!
Ali sent me some lovely gifts. One of her oh so cute blackbirds...

...and a framed muffin (I just love how she gets the texture in her icing).

And a sweet brooch in lovely colours.

Thanks, Ali. The best gifts are the ones you are not expecting, particularly when they arrive by post!

I'm also taking part in my first swap, the Christmas Decoration Swap organised by Hookin' With Laalaa. I have been partnered up with Twinklestar of Twinkles, Tutus and Twirls and I am really excited. We have got in touch and shared our likes, dislikes and favourites so it's time to start making. The only slightly annoying thing is I can't share what I am planning with you all!  Never mind, I shall share all after it has been received!

Hope you all have a great week.
Becky x


  1. I know what you mean- there's just not enough time to get anything crafty done!
    However, you have managed to make some super-cute things. Love your brooch and those Matryroshka are looking fab so far!!

  2. Definitely not enough time in the day! Love the little Matryoshka dolls, can't wait to see them decorated. I am really excited about the swap too! x

  3. You are a busy lady Becky and every so often something has to be relegated down the list...have missed your bloggy posts but pleased you have had time for family things as well as a busy time at work...
    Love your brooches and the beginnings of your dolls....lots of starts and distant finish lines can be frustrating but I think your Grandmother was right! Plenty of endings to look forward to!
    Keep up the great work even though you'd rather have a larger crafty slice!!
    Ali x

  4. I am glad your husband stopped you from ripping that beautiful blanket - it really is lovely - keep going and you'll get there xx

  5. Don't give up on the blanket - the ripples are great, and it must feel so nice in that lovely yarn! Good to see a post from you! :o)
    Maria x

  6. Many Thanks for stopping by, your makes are lovely.xx


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