Saturday, 10 September 2011

Disaster! Crochet, a Matryoshka and a Blog Award!

Apologies for my long absence from blogland, preparations for the new academic year have simply taken over here. Just when I thought I was all ready to return to work my external hard drive took a tumble and I lost EVERYTHING. There was disbelief, followed by gentle tinkering, which was then followed by tears and tantrums :o(  I haven't backed up since December and have lost so much work and personal data (photographs, crochet patterns...). And of course this happened at 5:30pm on the day before returning to school so several days preparations and plans were also lost.
Anyway, one very late night and lots of busy evenings later and I am feeling less upset about it, although I keep remembering other things I have lost. Lesson learned, must back-up at least once a week!

On the craft front, very little has been happening. However, I do have a new project to share with you. Here it is nestled quietly in my knitting bag.

A bright little rainbow. Each ball waiting patiently for it's turn.
This is a big one! I wanted to crochet something that we would keep. That would be snuggled and cuddled and generally loved. I have admired Lucy's blankets (Attic24) over the web for a few years now and watched as her pile of loveliness grew.
I should be able to manage one shouldn't I? 
Then I found a new yarn store. The only plus point of my husband being in hospital! I had to pick him up and bring him home the day after my birthday from a different hospital than the usual (yes, sadly, we have a usual hospital... and ward... and nurses!) and there on a roundabout was a sign. Quick change of direction and suddenly the day was looking so much brighter! A lovely local lady owned the shop and gave me some super advice and even a quick demo of how she crochets her seams! 
I wanted a yarn that was soft, durable, available in some bright colours but not cost the earth. I was asking for too much! So I compromised and chose to use these two yarns to use together.

I selected a real rainbow of bright colours which I love. I have shocked myself a little, I would normally choose a more muted palette, particularly for the home, but these just jumped off the shelf at me! I have promised myself I will finish this one as I have spent my birthday money on the yarn.

My mum is calling it a labour of love, but in truth I am finding it very relaxing and therapeutic at the end of the busy days. I'm using Lucy's ripple pattern and it really is so easy, she is such a clever girl (note to self - must buy her a coffee for her generosity). The more it grows, the more desperate I am to finish it. And as the days grow slowly colder, it is lovely to have it on my lap in the evening, soft and warm. I'm really enjoying this one, have you guessed?!

Another little make... a matryoshka.

It was going to be a strawberry pincushion! But I happened to look at it upside down as it was drying and decided to turn it into a Russian doll, something that been on my 'to do' list to make using my felt for ages.

This was just a little experiment, but I love how it has come out so I think a few more will be appearing around The Fluff Pot house!

I am delighted to have received another blog award, this one from the lovely Ali at Random Wooliness.

She has kindly excused me from the customary sharing of seven interesting facts about myself as I have done this quite recently. I will pass this award on to 7 lovely fellow bloggers in my next post.

Finally, I am taking part in a blog swap organised by Hookin With Laalaa, the Handmade Christmas Decoration Swap.

The idea is that you make a gorgeous Christmas decoration then add at least 5 other christmassy gifts for them to enjoy. The deadline to sign up is the 15th September so why not join in the fun?!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.
Becky x


  1. Oh no, what a disaster to lose all your work! I should backup more often too, I have years of photos on my computer! I love that little Russian Doll, how sweet! Congrats on your award too!! x

  2. How infuriating for you. I know I should back up, but it's so easy to just think you'll do it another time... I love your Russian doll - she's so cute!
    And the blanket is looking great. I'm trying to do the same pattern at the moment, but it's quite difficult with the puppy as it grows - the bigger it gets, the less it can stay just on my lap while I work on it, and the easier it is for her to reach up to have a little chew!
    Jane x

  3. Grrrrrrrr! How annoying to lose everything on your hard drive.
    I love your ripple blanket - such great colours. (on my to do list, too!)
    I'm also using that King Cole Bamboo at the moment- it has such a lovely feel to it, if a little splitty!
    Super-cute Russian doll as well!
    Clever gal!

  4. On no Becky - that's my worst nightmare, and I am also guilty of neglecting to back up my work. Poor you, and what an awful time of the year for it to happen :(
    On a lighter note, I love the colours you've chosen for what will, I'm sure, become a well-loved family heirloom. And as for that little Russian doll, well she is absolutely adorable. Love her!
    Liz x

  5. Wow Becky what a week, as if returning to work wasn't enough!! So sorry about your pc predicament..I think we are all guilty of not backing up often prompted me to get RWjnr to do his this morning!
    Love your rainbow ripples - crocheters are sooo clever! Your Russian doll is fabulous she looks so bright and serene...just made me feel calmer as I saw her!
    Hope this week is a little less eventful!
    Ali x

  6. I love that Matroyshka, she's lovely!

    Did you take your hard drive to a computer repairer? They can often salvage your data.

  7. So sorry about your computer dying and you losing so much!! What a complete nightmare! That has spurred me on to back up my laptop - I think I might do it tonight. I keep thinking about it, but never doing it!

    I love your ripple blanket! I've been thinking of making one myself for a while, and am even more inspired now! I think I need to make sure I finish my nephew's blanket first, though! I'm using that Bamboo cotton for my (neglected!) african flower runner - I love the feel of it!

    Your russian doll is brilliant!

    Great that you're doing the Handmade Christmas decoration swap. I'm umming and ahhing about doing it! I'm worried about committing to it, if I might not have time. I'll see!

    Wow - this is a long comment - but there was just so much in your post!!! :o)

    Maria x

  8. Hi Becky, I have sent you an email regarding the xmas deco swap, hope it reached you ok! x

  9. Oh no Becky what a nightmare! Everyones worst nightmare, eek Id better check im backed up here too! So sorry you lost all your stuff, especially the school work too.
    Just love all your cheerful yarns - its lloking beautiful.
    Bamboo cotton is good stuff isnt it - nice to work with.
    Love your sweet little russian doll too!
    Hope your husband is well soon

    Gill xx


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