Wednesday, 19 October 2011

L'il Birds

Last year I made myself this robin brooch. I was asked a dozen times over if I would make one for colleagues but it was so close to Christmas I just didn't have time.

I dug it out recently and thought I would have a go at making some but in different colours. Mine was cut from some thick wool felt that I had bought and then I needle felted the red tummy on. This year I decided to needle felt the whole thing. It's a little trickier than I had imagined to get the right shape but I have made 5 so far and they are looking quite good.

I have decorated 3 already but I'll save those for my next post.

A few weeks ago I fell in love with some gorgeous yard and stood stoking it for some time before deciding I couldn't justify buying it. Three weeks later and that yarn had been playing on my mind...

I couldn't resist and bought 5 skeins. It's Debbie Bliss Andes, a mix of baby alpaca and silk, and it's amazingly soft. Very naughty! (Now I'm going to have to make loads of those birds to pay for these!) I didn't have an exact pattern in mind but fancied using it to make a scarf of some sort. Then I remembered this little one that Lucy at Attic24 made and thought I would investigate. Lo and behold she used the exact same yarn (had this entered my subconscious and played on my mind?!). It is beautiful, no denying, but the point in handmade is having something a bit unique and I know that there are now thousands of these scarves/shawls out there as the lovely Lucy has quite a large following.  Does that matter? Perhaps not as we all put our own personal stamp on our handmade items. However, if you have any ideas for this luscious yarn I'd be grateful for some suggestions!


  1. Can't wait to see the finished robins!

    I definitely think you should make the Japanese Flower scarf! I think it's so pretty! Making a Japanese Flower something-or-other has been on my craft list for a while - one of the many things I haven't got round to yet!! There is a gorgeous throw on the Coco Rose blog, which is where I first saw the Japanese Flower!!

    (It's quite a way down the page) Beautiful!

    Maria x

  2. Lovely yarn colours, they would make a gorgeous scarf. Look forward to seeing the results in a future post.

  3. Little Robin brooches how gorgeous.............I love Robins.

    The Japanese Flower scarf is a stunner and would look wonderful using that gorgeous yarn. I can't imagine you would bump into anyone else wearing one, so go ahead and make know you want to, hehe.......

    Claire :}

  4. That yarn is gorgeous. I loved the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk, which was replaced by Andes I think. So soft and wonderful :) I bet it'll make a stunning scarf

  5. The robins are beautiful. Fab colours on that yarn too. Look forward to seeing what they become x

  6. Those little robins are just adorable! I love the feel of yarn too, can't wait to see what you create! x

  7. Hi Becky, I love the little robins! I only discovered the lovely Attic24 blog through one of your previous posts - her work is absolutely gorgeous, and I love that Japanese flower I wish I could crochet! I think you should go ahead and create one of your own: as you say, you will put your own stamp on it, and I am sure it will be stunning.
    Liz x

  8. OOh Becky I love your beautiful birds...your light bluebird has been much admired. I like your use of wire..simple and effective!
    Your yarn looks amazing, the colours are like jewels and gold! I have some short ends from a friend and it feels soooo soft and silky. Looking forward to seeing your own take on the Japanese'll be blooming great!
    Ali x

  9. Your birds are wonderful, what sheep breed is the wool you use? I am in awe of your felting, it looks so delicious and it inspires me to keep on trying with my felting!

  10. I love the little robin, it's adorable. Look forward to seeing your birdie brooches. The yarn is really gorgeous, and a scarf made from it would be perfect. Have a great weekend.
    Helen x


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