Sunday, 23 October 2011

Five Little Robins

I wanted to show you my robin brooches I have finished this weekend. I'm really pleased with how they have turned out.

 They're so cute aren't they!? They just look gorgeous on my tree...

...and I'm going to be a bit sorry to part with them, but I must as I want to pay for that Debbie Bliss Andes yarn that I showed you all in my last post. Thank you so much for so many lovely comments and advice regarding the proposed scarf. It was quite unanimous that I should make the scarf. It would be quite different to Lucy's, well shorter anyway, as I only have 5 skeins and she used 9! I'm wondering if I could adapt the pattern to make a cowl as I love the flowers but have wanted to make a cowl for a while now.

I have also made a couple of other birds which I plan to list in my folksy shop soon. 


And I've experimented with another little brooch. For a first attempt it's not bad but I think it needs a slightly longer neck!

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend. It's half-term break here so I'm looking forward to some craft catch-up time!
Becky x


  1. Very cute robins and I love the blue / purple bird - it is lovely! Very impressed with your reindeer brooch, he looks fab as he is! Have fun this week x

  2. The robins look so cute on the tree! And I love the colours of the turquoise and purple bird - such pretty colours!

    Looking forward to seeing the scarf/cowl as it develops!

    Maria x

  3. They're so cute!! I love the metallic spirals, and the reindeer's curly antlers: very clever :)
    Have a good week, Becky -hope you get a chance for some crafty fun as well as family time.
    Liz x

  4. Super-cute birdies!
    Clever you, as always!
    Have a great week- are you on half term?

  5. Just fab! I love them all very much x

  6. Ooh I like your creations - very cute! Great detail using the seed beads and metal spirals!

    Debbie x

  7. Becky they are all wonderful!! Such simple designs, lots of handywork, and so effective!
    Hope you have a great week...and aren't washed away!
    Ali x

  8. Those birds would be perfect to put on a wintercoat or something! :) I really really like them!

  9. Those little robins are so cute Becky! Just perfect for Xmas!
    Looking forward to cathing up over here, hope you have a great half term holiday with your youngsters!
    Gill xx

  10. Your little robin brooches are beautiful. The metal detail finishes them off beautifully!

  11. oh so cute!
    your little robins are adorable and i love their little wings
    have a lovely evening
    love jooles x


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