Saturday, 14 April 2012

Spring Felt Flowers

I wanted to show you my latest little bit of felting.

I made some felt samplers a few weeks ago, playing around with surface texture and colour.

From these 3 pieces I cut some daisy shaped felt flowers. They need finishing yet, with buttons or glass beads and maybe some coloured wire.

I managed to get some really great pictures of them during a short spell of sunshine we had yesterday afternoon, so this post may be a bit photo heavy!

Can you see the silk fibre and sari silk waste glinting in the sun?
I haven't quite decided what to use them for yet. I might make them into brooches or use them to decorate a bag.


I can't decide whether I prefer the shell buttons or the glass heart beads in the centres. Which do you like?

I was really sad to read that Clara Luna of The Rainbow Room won't be selling her felt packs anymore. She is moving to sunny Ibiza for 6 months so has decided to stop stocking the felt in her Folksy and Etsy shops. It is of course great news for her and I took advantage of a bargain when she reduced her last few packs down to half price!

All this for only £25.00 (inc' p+p) - bargain! That should kep be going for a little while.
I have also finished (well, very almost) the little blue felted boots I made some time ago.

I just need to sew the wooden buttons on and they're done (I carefully balanced them in place for the photo!).

I have gathered 2 items for a giveaway that I'm hoping to have soon! I won't show them to you just yet, but they are good ones!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. The sun is shining here and my sinusitis is a little better today so I might just get out in the garden - next post will be all about our green-fingered projects!
Becky x


  1. Oooh, those flowers are gorgeous!! I think I like them best with the shell buttons... although the glass hearts look good too!
    Maria x

  2. Pretty flowers, love the bright colours. I like the glass hearts, but the shell buttons look pretty too!

    I love those little booties, too adorable!

    Have a lovely weekend x

  3. I love the booties. What is the sari waste actually like? I saw it on a website for the first time a couple of days ago. I like the ethos of the work being given to Tibetan refugees in India as this is a cause I have supported for a long time. Do you think it suitable for crochet? Lily. xxx

    1. Sari silk waste is tougher than you might think. You could crochet with it, I saw someone in the supermarket wearing crocheted fingerless gloves made from sari silk waste and they looked amazing! I think it would be harder to crochet with than the usual dk yarn as it is less flexible. The thickness often varies within a ball but this is part of it's beauty. Colours also vary so if you needed more than one ball of the same colour you would need to choose carefully! I have four balls, all different in colour and, surprisingly, in texture - I'm not convinced one is all silk, it has a cotton feel to it and some of it's fibres don't felt as well as others. I would say that if you were going to get some then choose it yourself from a shop so you can see and feel what you are getting. I can imagine it would make a gorgeous round cushion cover! Now I'm tempted!
      Becky x

  4. Ooo, lovely flowers and booties! I haven't felted for ages but it's very therapeutic, isn't it - knocking seven bells of hell out of the fleece is very good for the soul :) xx

  5. Hi Becky - sorry I haven't been around for a while. I love the bright, cheery flowers...and my personal vote would go to the shell buttons, I think. Lovely little booties, too - I don't think I know anyone with a little baby, but if I did they'd make a perfect gift! Hope you've enjoyed your easter hols, Liz xx

  6. OOOh Becky I love your fab fluffy flowers....the zingy blue with purple is my fave, and I really like the shell buttons. The shape of the blooms is great too.
    Cool booties - great idea. I wonder how many other photographers place items in pictures...I know I sometimes do!!
    Glad you are feeling a bit better and look forward to your greenfingered post.
    Ali x

  7. Hello Becky, I just love your little felt flowers, especially the ones with the heart. The little boots are so adorable. I hope you are not suffering too much with your sinusitis. I get bad headaches with mine.

    So lovely of you to pop in, and please do not apologise for your absence, I understand you are busy. I did laugh when you told me about the plant sticks taking root (tee hee!) Lots of love to you, Linda xx


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