Saturday, 28 April 2012

Crochet Wire

I have finished one of the felt flowers I have been working on. I did a little experimenting with wire and crocheted a layer of petals to lie on top of the felt petals.

This was easier than I remembered. I don't know why but it just clicked this time and was made in a flash! Last time I got into a real mess with knots, messy loops and tangled hooks! Perhaps I'm just a little more confident with crochet itself and so found working with wire easier this time.

I used the shell button for the centre of this brooch and added blue and green glass beads. I love the yellow, turquoise and lime green combination.

                                                            This crochet wire is still in the experimental stage! It sticks out quite far but is quite pretty. I think I need to use a contrasting colour of wire to the felt. It gets a little lost against such a similar colour.

I have also felted another pair of baby shoes.

This pair are royal blue inside and lime green outside. I used a multi-coloured yarn and overstitched along the edge. Then I crocheted a strap to go across the foot. They are nearly finished, just need to sew the buttons on for the straps, but I was too impatient to save them for my next post!
With each pair I am learning something new about the process and slowly perfecting it. I cut the opening for this pair a little large and as I continued to full the felt (second stage in the felting process) the opening just kept getting larger!
I don't feel any of them so far are quite good enough to sell, but I'm hoping the next pair might just make it to my Folksy shop!

I am trying to pull together a post about the garden in all it's spring colour, but getting photos in reasonable light is proving a bit challenging at the moment - if you are reading this and live in the UK you'll know exactly what I mean! I can't help but smile when someone mentions a drought - I emptied a leaking waterbutt 2 weeks ago to reseal the tap connector and it's already full!

Hoping for some sunshine this weekend (ever the optimist!),
Becky x

PS A huge hello to my readers in Russia (almost as many as here in the UK according to blogger stats!). Can anyone tell me why my blog is attracting so many readers from Russia? I'm just a little curious!


  1. Becky I looooove your crochet wire additions to your fab felty flowers - the colours on the yellow bloom are fab! The angle of the purple pic is brill!
    The baby shoes are so cool - great multicoloured yarn action!
    Wishing for some sunny days too!
    X Ali

  2. Such pretty crochet wire, the contrasting texture looks brilliant against the felt

    The baby shoes are perfectly adorable and look deliciously cosy

  3. Hi Becky - I love the baby shoes. They look perfect from this angle!! The colours are lovely too. I think babies look far better in pretty bright colours than pastels. Lily. xxx

  4. Wow! Love that crochet made with the wire, so different and looks great combined with the felt. And those shoes are too cute!!


  5. Wow - that crochet wire looks so effective - how pretty those flowers look! And the booties!
    Maria x

  6. Hi again Becky!
    I know how busy you are but how you like a challenge...thought you might like to join in a game of tag...its all explained in my latest post. If its too tricky to post at least the questions might give you something to think about...!
    Ali x

  7. Love those shoes. Wish they would fit me. I too have readers from Russia and no idea why - they never comment! Weird! Super flowers x

  8. Oh Becky, those little shoes are beautiful! Perhaps you should make some adult-sized pairs...we all seem to love them :)
    Liz x

  9. The felted flowers with crochet wire are wonderful, well done Becky!
    And as for those darling little shoes, they are so pretty!
    Lovely flowers in your garden, and I know just what you mean about the light! Its never there!
    Gill xx

  10. Oh, I love the accent of the crochet wire on the felt flowers! I need to try that, me thinks!
    Helen x


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