Sunday, 13 November 2011

Reindeer In the Woods

We took a walk in the woods today. It was blustery and grey, the kind of day that blows the cobwebs away and makes you feel all refreshed and ready to cosy up in front of the fire.

Little Mannie discovered a makeshift seesaw made from fallen logs...

Lulu demonstrated her climbing skills...

And I spied reindeer in the woods...

leaping over logs...

rubbing their antlers on the soft moss...

prickling their noses on the holly leaves...

It was magical!
Becky x

PS Mr FP carried the bags!


  1. Those reindeer are gorgeous! Looks as if you had a lovely walk.

    Debbie x

  2. What beautiful reindeer: they look just right in their woodland setting! It looks like you've had a great family day out, I love the woods at this time of year. Enjoy what's left of the weekend, Becky. Liz x

  3. Ooooh I am in love with those reindeer. I don't have a favourite, I love them all :-)

  4. What a lovely place, those reindeer look right at home! x

  5. I just found you via the Folksy route - I think your little deer are stunning. So cute and brilliant in the woods. We went for a fab walk in the woods today. Was so lovely with the autumn colours and sun.

  6. What a fab day!! Your reindeer look really at home in the woods - but I'm sure they'll be prancing their way to new homes soon!
    Ali x

  7. Aw Becky your reindeer are adorable! Sounds like you had a lovely walk too. Thankyou for your comments. I think an arch of Hydrangea would be absolutely heavenly. Have a happy week, love Linda x

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  9. Gorgeous reindeer - the antlers are so cleverly done and the wee ribbon and button finish them off beautifully.

    Kate x

  10. Love your reindeers Becky! They look right at home :)

    Nothing like wrapping up and going for a winter walk. Fab photos

    Luv Rhi x

  11. Those reindeer are so cute and perfectly made! Gorgeous!
    Thanks for your email - will reply soon!
    Maria x

  12. Just to let you know I have awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. Hop over to my blog and take a look :-)

  13. Your children are so sweet!
    Looks like they had a lovely walk in the woods, and fancy finding those lovely little felted reindeers!

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  15. luv the reindeer , so cute :) can't wait to see ur blanket xx


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