Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Decoration Swap Goodies

Quite a while back I signed up to a Christmas decoration swap organised by Hookin' With Laalaa. She paired me up with the lovely Twinkle Star of Twinkles, Tutus and Twirls blog. We sent each other several messages about likes and dislikes and agreed a theme. My theme for making was 'pink' and Twinkles star's was 'traditional'.
So the weeks passed and soon I received a message to say my parcel was ready and winging it's way to me! I quickly finished the last of my bits, wrapped them all up and posted them off. When Twinkle Star's parcel arrived the excitement was HUGE! ...and so was the parcel! (Twinge of doubt at this point - will my goodies be good enough?)

Twinkle Star had put so much love and care into the choosing, making and wrapping of every single gift, I was really quite overwhelmed.

My first parcel was the decoration itself...

A beautiful twig wreath wrapped in red organza ribbon and decorated with wooden hearts, and poinsettias and the letters FP - fluff pot! There were also some other letters and spare pegs, MC for Merry Christmas and JF for the Johns Family!

Two packs of assorted fibres which I can't wait to use with my felting.

A beautiful handmade necklace and brooch.

A sweet little birdie decoration (bagsied by Lulus for her room!). I LOVE the curly ribbon on it's head!

A gorgeous felt stocking from John Lewis (so spoilt - big twinges of 'oh no, I really should have tried harder' now).

Some yummy nibbles. I'm not sure that chocolate dipped marshmallow on the spoon will make it to a cup of hot chocolate!

A scented candle and santa playing cards.

A winter pamper kit filled with an amazing selection of goodies.
I'm looking forward to snuggling up on the sofa and wearing those fluffy socks!
And finally a HUGE box of thorntons chocolates - yum, yum!!!

Now I am really feeling very inadequate! I did put a lot of thought, time and care into my gifts but I'm not sure they are going to live up to Twinkle Stars superb efforts. I want to say a massive thank you to Twinkle Star for being such an amazing swap partner and an apology for my tardiness in replying to emails. You've been a real star!

Hope you are all enjoying your week. I'm very excited as we are decorating our tree tomorrow! I think I love the festivities more than the children!

Becky x 


  1. Awww, thank you Becky! I am so pleased you love your goodies, I have been on pins waiting for you to open your parcels and to see what you thought of it all! I really wanted my first swaps to be special, so I am really glad I was teamed up with you as you were a pleasure to swap with! Can't wait to see what goodies the postie brings! Have fun putting up your tree! x

  2. Massive package! I love the packaging mmm and the Betty Crocker candles are so gorgeous smelling x

  3. Wow Becky what absolute bounty! How fabulous. Have fun decorating the tree, we are doing ours on Saturday. I have been frantically re-arranging, cleaning and painting to make room for 2 trees. I think I've just got too much furniture...it's quite frustrating!Anyway, I'm like you quite giddy about getting them up. Thankyou for yor lovely comments. Love Linda x

  4. What an amazing selection of lovely festive treats, Becky! Lucky you...and I am sure that the parcel you sent will also have been lovingly put together and wrapped. How exciting to be putting up the Christmas decorations. As a child-free household I have to exercise some restrain, but I'm itching to get a tree! I loved the lights we put up last Christmas so much that they are still there one year later, twinkling above the bookshelf in the living room.
    Liz xx

  5. Wow - how exciting!!!!!! What lovely goodies, and the packaging was so pretty too!! It must have been such fun to open it all!! I got quite excited just reading the post! :o)

    I'm sure your gifts for Twinkle Star will be lovely too, as you make gorgeous things, and are so thoughtful!

    Maria x

  6. what a lovely parcel you received, I've just come over from Twinkle Stars blog and your gifts are amazing too, so you shouldn't worry, although I think it is normal to feel that was as I know I have in the swops I've done x


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