Sunday, 8 June 2014

A New Direction

I've had a break, recharged my batteries and feel ready to take my blog forward. My interests have evolved over the last 18 months and I have had time to focus on new crafts and skills. I have been very busy and, along with some major changes in both my home and work life, have needed to stop and re-evaluate things. Change is healthy, but too much at once is stressful and I have had to ride out the wave. The waters are calmer...

So, time for a few introductions. Firstly, my drum carder. I don't think I've shown you this before.

It is really useful when carding clean fleece and also for blending fibres. Charlotte and I carded this batt recently. I love the sparkly fibre on the surface.

This is my triloom. I tried to purchase one but they are hard to find in the UK and shipping one over from America is costly so I made my own using instructions found on the internet.

On it is my hand spun yarn woven into a triangular shawl. It has now been removed from the loom and I need a crochet trim to finish it off. It will make a lovely summer shawl so I need to crack on and finish it!

This is my floor loom. It has four shafts and six pedals and was a bit of a bargain.

I have only had it a couple of months and have lots to learn. Using the warp left on it by the previous owner I have had a bit of a play.

Weaving is fast, but warping takes an age! Hopefully, I’ll get quicker with practise.

Lulus has been playing on a loom too. This is a rigid heddle loom and perfect for children as it is not too complicated. It also means little fingers are busy and away from my loom!

I have been reflecting on the reasons why I blog. I love reading other people's blogs, but found I was constantly comparing my crafts and life with theirs. Without realising it, I had put myself in a competition, which then drove me to do more, but for all the wrong reasons. So I stopped... and now I'm blogging again because I want to. I have learnt so much about my recent endeavours through some very generous bloggers and I want to share what I'm learning and continue to learn from others who are accomplished in those crafts. This blog will serve as a record of my journey and a link with others who share the same interests and hopefully can help me to develop my skills. ;)

Becky x


  1. Welcome back Becky!
    It looks like you have really progressed with your love of textiles since you last blogged, and have got some serious equipment there to go forward and learn even more. I know exactly what you mean re: the blogging thing, and it is not easy to step back and just stick to what you know is important to you rather than get sucked into sometimes time-wasting things just to feel a part of things. I too have mentally stepped back, and as much as I'd like to join in many of the fun things that are happening in the crafty blogs, there isnt enough time in the day so I too have learnt to focus on what I like to do best when I have the time, after dealing with my family's needs first.
    Hope you are able to leave the unsettlling time behind you now and move forward with all these exciting things you have head of you with your daughter learning with you - you'll have so much fun,and I look forward to seeing more! The scarf is lovely.
    Take care Becky
    Gill xx

  2. Yay, it's great to have you back! I love the beautiful colours in the batt you carded - so pretty! Looking forward to seeing the finished shawl with a crochet trim, I bet it will look lovely.
    I know what you mean about the blogging - I recently went to blogging event about taking your blog further and such things. It was great fun and inspiring, but since coming away I've been thinking that I enjoy my blog just as a bit of a crafting diary and a way to share ideas and things I've made. It's nice to get ideas from others and to share yours too, rather than take it too seriously.
    Looking forward to finding out more about the spinning and weaving!
    Maria x

  3. Wayhey! Great to hear you cyber voice again Becky. You sound as if you have had some turbulence... but hope its all settled and that some of the changes have taken a little stress out of your routines?
    Fab to see your equipment, new, reloved and handmade - and all the amazing colourful fibre loveliness!
    Looking forward to seeing lots more of your creativity...welcome back!
    Ali x

  4. ooh, the weaving looks interesting. It's a craft I know almost nothing about.


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